25 comments on “The MMA Beat: Episode 21”

  1. Vin Makaveli says:

    lol just pray to the good lord that jesus never allows this to happen.

  2. revmotor says:

    Spruce up your sitting area. Prove that you’re real men. Put a giant portrait of Sexyama behind you. It’s what the viewers truly want.

  3. Vin Makaveli says:

    Boring Luke thomas as usual, everytime he starts talking my mind wanders off, 1 beat episode per month is enough for him ariel.

  4. 84jbd says:

    u mad coz no one wants to listen to your opinions bro???

  5. Bigjonho HO says:

    Bunch of faggots

  6. I uee says:

    Stupid comments by the guy in the jacket. Palhares was in the moment and it was literally one second after the ref put his hands on him. Palhares also let go too soon in another fight so he was compensating this time. There was no bad intent, Palhares is just a little awkward. This is a fighting sport and bitching about holding on for an extra second is ridiculous.

  7. Alvarez Metal Works says:

    His ratings are speaking louder than your rant. Get over it.

  8. Bigjonho HO says:

    Fuck jake shields his so boring He make GSP exciting

  9. A.J Lums says:

    Some Jordan Breen on here would be good.

  10. BL1STYLE says:

    Luke Thomas will be the next president of the UFC once dana white steps down. Fact!

  11. medicinebottle1 says:

    Not an A+ show until New York Rick is in one of those seats

  12. Alvaro Gonzalez says:

    I need to hang out with luke Thomas

  13. clachifer says:

    Lol thats good to hear, that’s the way it should be tbh. Enjoy Bellator, i can’t watch it live atm, if anything good happens let me know and i’ll quickly flick the channel.

  14. Antix says:

    lose douche bag beard guy. for the millionth fucking time.
    how many comments do i have to read about people hating this guy before you actually get him off the show. fucking christ. the people have spoken.

  15. RealRickyRoss says:

    I’m not a Bellator fan boy…I am an MMA fan boy!


  16. Bigjonho HO says:

    Either way rousimar palhares is a beast at welterweight I think he would have ran thru most of the division I wish he didn’t get cut but oh his off to bellator

  17. clachifer says:

    And i’ll watch any high level mma, but the fact is, even Bellator is a feeder company to UFC, and hom to guys who get cut bu UFC. Just facts, though i can still appreciate a decent contest wherever it happens

  18. clachifer says:

    I really dont, they cover news, they dont preview every show. They already previewed JDS and Cain, which they deemed more important than Bellator’s show.

    Dont be a Bellator fanboy, i dont mean that as an insult, but clearly you’re emphasizing them. It doesn’t make you the cool kid to like the lesser known, lesser mainstream company, it just makes you sound hipster.

    MMA is MMA to me, I dont care about the company. But nobody, including Bellator, has anything more noteworthy to discuss

  19. Bigjonho HO says:

    He seems a little retard or just slow in the head his done some dumb shit in the octagon remember when he celebrated to early when he was fighting Dan miller

  20. mohammad haq says:

    he is the smartest guy there u dumb fuck..

  21. Bigjonho HO says:

    Poor palhares

  22. Alvaro Gonzalez says:

    Santa Claus you absolutely suck. Ariel, mike, chuck and luke now what is going and have more sense of overall mma! Santa Claus you got to go sorry but I still want my present for Christmas

  23. RealRickyRoss says:

    Feel stupid, don’t you? LOL

    Make an arrogant comment like that and you did not even know that as you typed that bull shit, Bellator 103 was on…


    Yea, I think that the 2nd biggest/most popular MMA league has a show airing tonight…should have been covered in a 1 hour show called “The MMA Beat”.

  24. TheRockSolid7 says:


  25. MegaHard0n says:

    awesome awesome vid guys keep up the Beat…

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