24 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 22”

  1. AndrewN553 says:

    i wanna see Jones vs Velasquez
    OR Jones vs Silva
    It would’ve been good to see Fedor knock Brock out as well

  2. mike custer says:

    If KZ vs Garcia 1 and Sanchez vs Gil were playing on diff tvs side by side, most my attention would be on Kz fight.

  3. wolfsblood6662003 says:

    dana white vs any mma fighter actually bet hed increase pay after that ha

  4. wolfsblood6662003 says:

    fedor vs dana white

  5. c0nfidentl0ser says:

    would be cool to crack a beer open with these guys, watch some fights and get nerdy over mma

  6. philipee32 says:

    best fight ever name one better.

  7. philipee32 says:

    = Rape

  8. Trapper John says:

    Prime Liddel vs prime Wanderlei

  9. Rhys Kendall says:

    Dude looks like Phil Anselmo, sweet.

  10. Tyler Richlen says:

    Matt Hughes vs Sakuraba

  11. andre rodrigues says:

    Bob Sapp vs Dodson

  12. permos12345 says:

    Love the episode and the new panel member. Please keep these episodes coming, me and alot of people are huge fans.

  13. Sio Lord says:

    Rickson vs Bas.

  14. XProjectBluebeamX says:

    ugh hendo vs shogun II ?

  15. mmafyasco says:

    Anderson Silva v Anthony Johnson at 190lbs

  16. mmafyasco says:

    IDIOT, a) he’s asking what fight NEVER HAPPENED, that you wanted to see, not happened TWICE b) chael got his ass kicked twice, accept it, move on!

  17. Anton93M says:

    Diaz vs pettis. That is all

  18. flank wood says:

    thank God that stuttering baffoon is off this time

  19. nig nug says:

    might mouse vs the reem

  20. SammyBoyy300 says:

    Dan Henderson vs Chuck, Anderson vs Jones and Hendo vs Jones

  21. Konrad Jędrusiak says:

    Rickson Gracie vs. Bas Rutten. Bas even challenged him to a fight, but it never came to fruition.

  22. Clymax01 says:

    This half jap prick talks so much shit

  23. Clymax01 says:

    I do care about Sonnen vs Evans

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