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  1. Sergio Pelayo says:

    My favorite ufc would definitely be when chael sonnen fought anderson silva
    and was winning every single round, i was thinking… finally someone is
    going to beat this guy and then he gets that submission out of no where.
    Best fight ever!

  2. MirkusTricolor says:

    God, this is just so amazing. A dream come true. Actual journalists
    discussing about MMA. And best moment ever was definitely UFC 134 RIO. Best
    crowd ever just made sure of the fact that MMA is the shit.

  3. Cliff Kump says:

    UFC 4 – I remember being new to martial arts after meeting a my dream
    martial arts girl. I was at an association meeting and the head of the
    association was talking about needing to learn ground fighting. The girl
    and I didn’t work out, but my love of MMA and martial arts was cemented
    that night….

  4. permos12345 says:

    This is the greatest cast of the MMA Beat there is imo.
    Luke is the man! Keep it up

  5. betunia98 says:

    Ultimate fighter 1 finale was my favorite for personal reasons. A week 1/2
    before I’d run into Stephan bonnar at a famous Chicago boxing gym called
    windy city boxing. I used to work out at right before the ultimate finale
    little did I know that I was at root of the change of all combat sports.

  6. cjgntx says:

    UFC 94 GSP v PENN 2 first event I attended. The whole experience was
    electrifying. From the Q/A to the weigh ins the fights and the fighters
    that would stop for pics after šŸ™‚

  7. kicktothebass says:

    MMA fighting please change the night you shoot this to a Sunday. I hate
    watching these on Sunday when you are talking about possible outcomes of
    fights that I have just watched, would it not make more sense talking about
    fights from the previous night.

  8. Labute Rabe says:

    My favorite UFC moment was UFC 100. I was new to the sport and went to a
    bar. The place was rammed. The air was tense. It was loud. I was afraid for
    GSP. Alves was a monster and I thought he would kill him. Iā€™m not a fan of
    wrestlefucking but every time GSP took Alves down I breathed a sigh of
    relief. Most of all, I was a huge Mir nuthugger. And I hated Lesnar. It was
    the old showdown: David vs. Goliath. And then Goliath smashed David into
    pieces. This was REAL LIFE. But I was hooked. And after Lesnar’s infamous
    speech I ran home to the messageboards. And realized thousands of others
    had done the same thing. I was part of a community. A movement. The passion
    I had for boxing in the 90ā€™s was reignited in the form of MMA. And that was

  9. Vin Makaveli says:

    lol this luke dude is such douche…

  10. Kingkev826 says:

    I went to alot of hooters…

  11. redrum623az says:

    “I’ve been to a lot of Hooters and they ain’t never cheered like dat” –
    Luke Thomas

  12. Steve Escalera says:

    My favorite moment in MMA history has to be UFC 79 (GSP vs Hughes and
    Liddell vs Wanderlei). I was a huge Liddell fan at the time and seeing his
    epic battle w/ Silva live was incredible at the time. Then GSP headlining
    the card, he really cemented himself as a superstar and made me appreciate
    the UFC for the martial arts aspect. Been hooked ever since.

  13. Mikael Shamsie says:

    Wtf is Luke talking about? Jon Jones didn’t have to go through a murderers
    row to get his shot. His biggest win was Bader heading into his title shot.
    Once he got the title then he went through the toughest competition any
    champion has had to face. Gustafsson in beating Thiago Silva and Shogun
    arguably had an equally difficult path to the title.

  14. Elijah Velez says:

    Somebody tell Rony Jason that Luke Thomas still loves him.

  15. Webtropro says:

    Favorite UFC moment was when Royce Gracie fought Mat Hughes. To me it put
    to rest all the myths and demonstrated like nothing else how Mixed Martial
    Arts had become a discipline unto itself rather than what the UFC
    originally intended which was a clash of orthodox fighting styles.

  16. ChaysParkour says:

    I watched TUF 1 finale live with my dad, first time I ever watched MMA, I
    was like 11 years old. Griffin vs Bonnar was so fucking crazy, got hooked
    ever since!

  17. MsMarc1234 says:

    Favorit moment: Anderson Silva vs Maia in Abu Dhabi. Cool fight! Never
    understood why people hated on that fight so much.

  18. kingcheefty12 says:

    My favourite moment would have to be the first fight I ever remember
    watching, which was Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez at the Ultimate Fighter
    Finale. Such a crazy fight and seeing how intense they both were was
    unbelievable for a newbie at the time.

  19. meialuakampinas says:

    Luke Thomas is the reported of the true fans.

    The people who hate them are the “Stand and bang bro” type fans.

  20. Bowmanganie says:

    My favorite UFC moment was from an early UFC, maybe 1 or 2, where there was
    a Sumo guy going against a guy that I can’t remember what discipline he was
    but the Sumo guy gets ahold of the other guy, after getting kicked in the
    knee repeatedly, and runs him across the cage, smashing him against it, and
    the cage BREAKS and outside they tumble. I was hooked at that point.

  21. Tactical Italian says:

    My favorite UFC moment was when Matt Serra knocked out George St. Pierre.
    Biggest upset in UFC history. Also I’ll never forget being in Buffallo Wild
    Wings when Brock Lesnar knocked out Randy Couture. That place was so loud
    that I felt like I went deaf the rest of the night

  22. AntKfromNY says:

    Chris weidman knocking anderson out and pettis winning the belt is my
    favorite i predicted them both correctly

  23. timfbmx says:

    All you Luke Thomas nut huggers are getting creepy. It’s the equivalent to
    Beiber and his “beleibers”. I know he has a epic beard but come on guys.

  24. NIN1337 says:


  25. FurryFerris says:

    Welcome back Fag Thomas!
    We missed ya, you homo!

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