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  1. SuppaviLLin SuPpAvIlLiN says:

    @maxmilion37 but it would not be impossible to come back from anymore
    because it would be givin out more often. Like, the next 2 rounds wouldn’t
    be an automatic 9 points to the loser, the man who favored the 10-8 in Rd1
    would be in danger of losing a round 8-10 if he got beatin up. Today a
    fighter can destroy for 3 rds straight and only win 30-27. Or he could just
    slip by each rd and win 30-27. They use it as a 1 point scoring system,
    winner of the rd. gets 1, loser 0. If u lose 2 rds by a hair and destroy
    and almost finish in 1 u lose.

  2. Maximilion37 says:


  3. Labute Rabe says:

    I agree with Luke. Georges could have easily said he’d “retire”, like every
    other fighter who “retires”, but is willing to comeback for the right fight
    or the right deal (eg. Nick Diaz). It seems like the problem is common in
    sports now: a player “retires”, gets a farewell ceremony, only to come back
    a few years later. At least Georges had the integrity to tell the truth: he
    was just taking a break. I do, however, think GSP should vacate the belt if
    he does not know how long he will be away. But knowing Georges, I don’t
    think he’d have a problem with that. 

  4. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Luke and Mike both don’t even know what Dana said. He said either George
    needs to retire or keep fighting on schedule. He only fights once maybe
    twice a year in the first place and for George to hold the belt up after
    such a highly controversial fight is selfish and ridiculous.

    Dana clearly said he wanted George to retire if he wasn’t right.

  5. Alvarez Metal Works says:

    +Ariel Helwani +MMA Fighting +Luke Thomas Common on guys, the difference
    between Diaz and GSP is clearly the belt and only the belt. That’s the
    problem Dana has. You can’t just “take some time off” when you have the
    belt. He owes everyone ether a confirmed retirement or to fight. That’s
    what he owes. That’s how I took what Dana said. He can retire like Diaz but
    he’s going to loose his belt.

  6. Craig Talbert says:

    In general I’m not a fan of +Luke Thomas, but I agreed with just about
    everything he said today. Trend or Twilight Zone? You are part of the

  7. Romano Bundy says:

    GSP always did what UFC wanted him to do. He even was translator for many
    press conference. Maybe the UFC could try to understand now, don’t they?

  8. PainSerum says:

    I think if Luke Thomas and Joe Rogan did a show together, it would be
    almost perfect. I really do not care about the opinions of the other guys.
    Ariel is just obnoxious most of the time as he desperately searches for
    some type of controversy to talk about rather than the fights. If somebody
    happens to have long hair or a crazy beard, he will never shut up about it.

  9. Brent William Henry says:

    What other kinds of scoring systems could you have that would be
    drastically different from a 10-9 point system? In the end, aren’t you
    still going to decide who won the round and who lost the round? 

  10. trever pitts says:

    OPEN scoring is something i feel be good because it say hey gsp is wining
    2 round to 1

  11. Bowmanganie says:

    Dana was just ticked cause he seen the $$$$$ falling away when George was
    rambling about needing a break. Then again George did a movie, and it seems
    all the fighters slip and soon leave once Hollywood get a hold of them.

  12. Huey W says:

    why are they all jumping to GSP’s defence??? if GSP had any shred of
    sportsmanship about him (which he doesn’t – Greasing!) he would have got on
    the mic, announced he just got his ass kicked and handed the belt to Jonny.
    The only person anyone should be defending is Jonny Hedricks because he got
    totally robbed of a clear win. 

  13. Darran Martin says:

    Fight the power 

  14. tim mutohfan says:

    one 20 minute round for non-title fights
    one 30 minute round for title fights.

    a. you’ll cut out point fighting
    b. you’ll see more finishes

  15. RIK VARTIGIAN says:

    MMB 025 X264 ? is this the video’s license plate ?

  16. Scott Stewart says:

    I think this show would just be straight up better without the 4th member.
    If they’d just do Ariel, Luke and Mike, I think almost 100% of the viewers
    would care about 100% of the opinions given on the show, instead of now
    where the “worst” panel member is usually bad filler at best.

  17. Lucas Lopes says:

    Liked Luke’s idea for at least trying to innovate the scoring system, and
    totally agreed with Chuck’s pick for thing I’m most thankful for in 2013,
    the matchmaking was ridiculously awesome, fight of the year after fight of
    the year. I may be biased for the lack of historical perspective on this
    one, but 2013 was the best MMA year of all times, everything, the
    champions, the contenders, the media’s also matured a lot this year. And we
    still have Weidman x Silva. Great year of fights, I’m very thankful for

  18. StatsReset says:

    lol ariels ideas shut down

  19. Ramon S says:

    I’m thankful for the way UFC has been managed(the fox deal). The way they
    have slowly and diligently grown the sport to the point where its now, more
    than ever, been marketable to the general public.

  20. Johan Otten says:

    Hey guy, Ariel, what I’m missing in the whole scoring discussion is a thing
    almost all my mma-interested friends agree on here in the Netherlands:
    Keep the 10 point must system, but change the way you score it. So a
    dominant round from someone, where you can say: Yeah he outstruck him, he
    did dammage and the other didn’t or someone got maybe rocked a little but
    got back. Make that a 10-8 round. If you just win a round but it’s close
    (talking Machida) make that the 10-9 and if someone really dominates where
    the other is taking dammage and getting rocked make that 10-7. Maybe even
    introduce then a 10-6 for a Shane Carwin Brock Lesnar/Maynard Edgar round 1
    where someone just gets totally mauled. So basically shift all the scores
    one place so you have a spot free to score less clear rounds.

  21. renzo morales galecio says:

    those shoes!

  22. prolitify says:

    Is it just me or does Ariel Helwani often try to spin things in the UFC and
    Dana White’s (especially) favour, almost if not all the time?

  23. Tino Fuentes says:

    I fvcking love this show. Great insight and hosts. Get Joe Rogan on. Make
    it happen. 

  24. swhite6 says:

    I’m all about dat Half-Point scoring system y’all.

  25. Steven Cain says:

    My first comment is that I think anyone taking his comment as if it was a
    demand but I seen it more for a guy who says that he does this for the fans
    and fans want to see a well deserved rematch.

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