25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 26”

  1. KSVideos says:

    Luke Thomas had Shogun and Hunt losing yesterday. Moron!!!

  2. Talal Khazal says:

    The digital network has been set up for one reason: to find a way to charge
    people internationally. The rest of the world is not accepting or
    understanding of the PPV model so PPV’s do EXTREMELY low numbers outside
    the US. With this network, it’s a more palatable sell which is easily
    identifiable by people from other countries since you’re buying a channel
    rather than an event. Channel subscriptions are internationally known;
    buying events aren’t. There isn’t going to be much that’s new on that

  3. PaddyIrishman says:

    Luke Thomas smiling in the thumbnail. That’s Freaky

  4. GR33NM0NK33 says:

    If we gave Luke Thomas an enema, he would fit inside Matchbox.
    Jesus, he talks some wack ass bullshit.

  5. LEON-Kwasi Kuntuo-Asare says:

    Best mma show on youtube! :-)

  6. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    I don’t get Lukes hate for Jason Reinhardt and claiming he had no wins? The
    guy went 18-0 before coming to the UFC.

  7. kuroji jinjin says:

    when is new york ric on mma beat?

  8. Craig Talbert says:

    I was with +Luke Thomas completely on the last episode, but he made me want
    to facepalm several times on this one (most dramatically at 35:15).

    I also want to say I love +Shannon Knapp like a milkshake, and she will
    make +Invicta Fighting Championships work. Minus some big promotional
    deals, that will probably be Zuffa buying it and cannibalizing their
    popular weight classes. Invicta still has a lot of time to build 145, 125
    and 105.

  9. Anthony Lima Mok says:


  10. HydroBud98 says:

    Ariel Helwani reported on UFC tonight that Thiago Alves will be back in
    early 2014 so I say that Joe Silva should put together
    Alves vs. Ellenberger…that is a great matchup.

  11. begood20000 says:

    Ariel is right. Tate brings out the worst in Rousey. She’s not like that
    all the time and her only failing is behaving that while it’s being

  12. Kota Fourtwenty says:

    Ariel’s a complete ufc shill. Dana is a wrong for not signing Ben Askren.
    The best fighters deserve a shot. 

  13. Ryan O'Ceiglah says:

    I am so tired of hearing cries about Ben Askren. The batteries in my
    give-a-shitter are dead.

  14. H Tambwe says:

    This show should be longer 

  15. johnnybuckbrush says:

    Someday ESPN will be begging to have this show on one of there stations!

  16. Dave Breen says:

    If the guy with the beard was chocolate. He would eat himself. for sure.
    can t listen to him

  17. Falangi Leota says:

    This show should go live

  18. Robert Leduc says:


  19. grahamhg says:

    Newsflash – women are irrational and emotional! :O

  20. Bowmanganie says:

    The UFC doesn’t want boring wrestlers anymore. That is why they are not
    signing Askren. If he needs “more seasoning” then why did they sign that
    other, dominate, one dimensional fighter name Ronda Rousey? Dana just
    doesn’t see the $$$ with Askren. That is all it comes down too.

  21. billy mays says:

    and fuck luke thomas for picking against shogun and hunto. you got
    bitchslapped hard last night luke. YOU FAIL

  22. BackForMore666 says:

    dont talk crap cause he gave us an opinion…. you morons..

  23. Wanderlei says:

    All these guys are boneheads.

  24. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    great show

  25. MyMovingTribute says:

    The fact that Colonel Sanders gets a spot and New York Ric doesn’t makes a
    mockery of this show. 

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