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  1. Jarell Jupiter says:

    Luke Thomas is so preposterous & foolish it’s laughable. I say it’s funny
    because it’s kind of sad that Luke Thomas thinks everything that is an
    opinion is somehow a fact. Shows the lack of education he has and the lack
    of knowledge the guy has when it comes to talking and sharing your feelings
    of a certain situation. Luke Thomas please shut the fuck up and seriously
    get over yourself.

  2. mmadigest says:

    Sounds like Diaz just wants title fights. He turned down the Condit fight
    and then asked for the winner of Hendricks/Lawler for the belt.

    But he’s not going to get a title fight unless it’s a really short notice
    thing for the UFC and they’re desperate.


    People don’t like flyweights because they don’t do enough DAMAGE, and
    martial arts is all about damage, regardless of what the politically
    correct UFC thought-police would like us to think.

  4. killpigfuker says:

    Thanks for uploading these to youtube. The video player MMAfighting uses on
    their site is a clunky, memory hogging piece of shit.

  5. theworldispein nagato says:

    Also,unrelated,since the new website is up i cannot use the media player
    down there anymore. Never had any problems but now it just stopped working.
    Already contacted SB nation but does anybody has similar problems (and
    perhaps even a potential solution?)

  6. fallbrookg says:

    Luke speaking the truth about flyweights

  7. datDANK says:

    When GSP heard that Hendricks was going to go from 65% power to 100%, his
    head must had exploded 

  8. Justin Austin says:

    I thought the stuff Luke said about Diaz was pretty obvious from hearing
    him post fight. I’m surprised the other guys didn’t pick up on that.

  9. Ilyavr says:

    gsp is not the same fighter after serra fight, he was not a good champ
    (after he got knocked out) and was not good for this sport. its better to
    see him out of the ufc than having a champ not even trying to finish fights
    but only controlling the opponent doing no damage gsping the decision for 5
    boring rounds. he was never even close to silva’s level and after he was
    almost killed by a much better fighter he had no other option but to get
    the hell out of the octagon! thank god for that!

  10. Labute Rabe says:

    Find myself agreeing with Luke a lot. Johnson’s personality doesn’t
    translate. People watch fighters because they are alpha males, and a lot of
    dudes don’t see bantamweights as alpha enough. It takes a larger-than-life
    showman like Prince Naseem to create buzz at that weight class. Dodson’s
    colorful and nasty and would make a more interesting champ. Also, the
    bantamweight division is new and not deep so it’s ridiculous to put Johnson
    (or any bantamweight) on the pound-for-pound list.

  11. Luke Wade says:

    Hate it when people act like they are too good for the drama of the
    ultimate fighter, its not the highest form of entertainment but its not bad
    especially if your a ufc fan. Luke cant bring himself to watch it again yet
    he’ll probably be switching over to watch Mob Wives or something….

  12. t Nas says:

    fuck dana white scum bag

  13. jeremyshambles says:

    no, his style , after he was ko’d by serra was utterly disgraceful. he left
    because he knows he can t really play it safe by exploiting the shit awful
    judges/refs/rules anymore. good riddance. and thanks to the canadian fans
    for booing him after the j shields fight.

  14. Romano Bundy says:

    Good point at 3:20. GSP always was the great company man and suddenly, UFC
    is bashing him from everywhere. White think only about himself. I don’t
    know what’s wrong with him in for the ast months but I feel he was not like
    that before.

  15. HydroBud98 says:

    The UFC is going to be cutting it close with all these events next year
    when It comes to fighters getting injured and needing to replace that
    injured fighter, when it comes to giving a fighter enough time to train for
    a fight and when it comes to making a good card…especially a good PPV
    card which the UFC should always have. The Rockhold vs. Philippou card is
    stacked, the UFC on Fox 10 card is stacked, the UFC 169 PPV card will be
    really stacked if they move Lineker vs. Bagautinov on there, the Machida
    vs. Mousasi fight card is not the best for a Fight Night but these fighters
    need fights booked obviously and Souza vs. Carmont is the Co Main so those
    2 fights are real important for the middleweight division so that’s good,
    the UFC 170 card is looking good with Evans vs. Cormier and MacDonald vs.
    Maia as the Co Main and Dos Anjos vs. Khabilov as the 3rd to last, then
    there’s Gustafsson vs. Manuwa after that which also has Pickett vs. McCall
    on the card which is really interesting for the Flyweight division and then
    UFC 171 on March 15th with Hendricks vs. Lawler fighting for the Title
    which I think will do good numbers because just look how these guys
    fight…someone is getting KO’d I think and this fight will set the look of
    the Welterweight division in 2014 and Condit vs. Woodley is the Co Main for
    UFC 171 and lets not forget we still have UFC 168 which has a lot of fights
    that are exciting and important for divisions that will be on that night.
    We just had UFC on Fox 9 which had nothing but great fights in my opinion
    and very important fights. So all these Events that just passed and all the
    fights and Events that I just mentioned will set up great fights for mid
    and late 2014 and UFC 171 that has not been filled yet. As long as Joe
    Silva and Sean Shelby put together good fights that make sense and no more
    Benavidez’s vs. Formiga’s just to bump a guy up a little more then I think
    we could have a lot of Great Main, Co Main events and great cards that make
    sense and that are exciting and no more fighters getting KO’d because they
    were not ready for a top 10 or 15 contender…for example Mendes vs. Meza,
    Mendes vs. Mckenzie, Benavidez vs. Formiga, Dodson vs. Formiga, those
    fights made no sense AT ALL so hopefully that does not happen again. I
    think 2014 will be good but the UFC is cutting it kind of close in my

  16. tiki0036 says:

    Can we just have Ariel and Luke? The other guys just aren’t interesting.

  17. mmadigest says:

    GSP’s the Wayne Gretzky of MMA. Canadian, extremely polite and respectful,
    champion, and maybe the greatest ever.

    “I didn’t start out as a winner. When I was a kid, I was just another
    reject. I started at the bottom. I think all winners do”
    – Georges St-Pierre

  18. michael ruatfela says:

    Agree with this guys!!

  19. XSsoundlevels says:

    I hope St.Pierre quit because he himself knew he had reached the pinnacle
    of his fighting style and realised he overstayed his welcome with such
    lack-luster method so as to re-invent himself..

  20. strictlybangers says:

    just want to say thank you all for the show. always tackling the issues of
    the day and in a concise, informative and amusing way. thanks again.

  21. Fred Grapefruits says:

    Luke the elitist douche bag you shut up..If it wasn’t for name tag wearing
    folks people like GSP wouldn’t be anything, nor a millionaire you fucking
    corporate tool;-)… Funny how you people want people to listen to your
    opinions so you can make a living, but they aren’t allowed to have one
    themselves haha…

  22. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Get that stupid old fuck out of here seriously…..

    Also I don’t mind him but Luke Thomas is very arrogant when it comes to his
    opinion. It’s like he actually believes everything he says is a fact.

  23. Giuseppe Urso says:

    Fuck Spuke TV!

  24. ZPSBestProfileName says:

    GSP was amazing and I don’t want to write him off but the Hendricks “win”
    will always haunt him and people will refer to that for many years to come
    unless he avenges that “win”.

  25. osufand says:

    Wow great point by Luke Thomas about how Anderson silvas approach is way
    mire sustainable than gsps approach to mma

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