25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 28”

  1. ZHONG.TV says:

    is someone playing solitarie in the back?

  2. ecdctech says:

    Come on fight of the year was Alvarez vs chandler 2 

  3. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    i couldn’t care less about ronda vs miesha 

  4. Labute Rabe says:

    Excellent show guys. But c’mon. End of the year extravaganza, this should
    have been an hour long special.

    Fight of the year: Gus-Jones. Stakes matter. After that elbow I screamed
    “C’mon Jon!” And I never scream.

    Fighter: Belfort. I hate to say it, because he’s a cheater. But he faced
    tougher competition than DJ and totally destroyed in the cage. He’s the
    scariest guy in MMA.

    Story of the Year: Changing of the guard. GSP retires, Anderson retires
    after Saturday. Two GOATS, two months, two departures. Hendo loses belt.
    Jones almost loses belt. Anderson loses belt. GSP should have lost the
    belt. Now if ROUSEY loses belt… (yeah right). 

  5. Cian O'D says:

    Luke is off on the football comparison. The CL is a continental
    competition, not a national competition.

  6. Tommy T says:

    So how much is it to watch this in America? 

  7. F.Q Wilson says:

    Fighter of the year:Demetrious Johnson no question

  8. OcelotDAD says:

    MMA Beat was a fantastic show this year. Keep it up please, I love it.

  9. TheAntManChannel says:

    The only episode I’ve seen.. nice xp

  10. 2kTweeK says:

    story of the year: victor belfort body change jacked up on 100 trt pills
    ready to fight bisping
    knockout of the year: the cyborg victor belfort vs dan henderson
    comeback: victor rise from the ashes after discovering a trt shape loophole
    in the matrix
    2014: double weight champion 185 & 205 victor belfort sets sight on
    heavyweight gold
    fighter of the year: victor belfort

  11. TheOoze06 says:

    Jones vs Gustafsson should be fight of the year
    Stan vs Wanderlei: Wasn’t nearly as technical
    Diego vs Mendez: Too much of a onesided beatdown
    Hunt vs Big Foot: Big Foot tested positive for a band substance

  12. aaronCapricorn says:

    gustaffson was the fighter and year, weidman is the story of the year

  13. lukemur13 says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the mmabeat this year. Big up to everyone who makes it
    happen. Cheers

  14. deemorris9000 says:

    For fighter of the year, even though he left a sour taste in people’s mouth
    due to his antics, GSP had a great year. Defending the title against
    Condit, Diaz, and Hendricks (even if he truly lost the fight nonetheless it
    goes down as a win) that’s the best year of GSP’s career it seems like
    people aren’t realizing that. 

  15. Jean Borrero says:

    sweet, another mma beat episode. thanks

  16. Shredistan X says:

    I think if you wanna name fighter of the year you have 3-4options

    1) If chris weidman wins he gets it not only winning the belt but
    defending it

    2) ViToR belforT altough i hate juice and roids he has insane leg kick

    3) Mighty Mouse which no one gives a crap about but has whiped the division
    faster then anyone else and convincingly

    4) Uriah Faber 4 fights i recall he beat jorgensen by sub , alcantara i
    think he went distance ? i dont remember , also michael mc donald which is
    no joke #3 right behind him #2 and he made him look like crap subbed him
    apart from a tko included in that sub .

  17. Andre Paukstadt says:

    at the end of the day, they use a lot “at the end of the day”.

  18. thebanaap says:

    Thanks for another great episode of my favorite talkshow in the world.
    Shoutout to the show’s silent force Chuck Mindenhall.
    Keep ’em coming in 2014.

  19. Alvaro Gonzalez says:

    O yea looking forward to seeing Batista on raw next year!

  20. Paulo Almeida says:

    Guss is the champion!!!

  21. Dave Curry says:

    For myself who only started watching the events in late 2012 i have loved
    MMA Beat for their comments and features. After arriving to the party late
    i have since gone back watching UFC 1-25 and then big events since. Loving
    BT Sport in the UK as I get to watch the events free online regardless of
    it being a Fight Night or like this weekend UFC168, so I dont go to bed
    that night, so fuck!

  22. Kobi Black says:

    Nice show as usual, Luke its called the ‘European’ Champions League. Shogun
    vs Hendo is my foty fuck your criteria !

  23. John Galt says:

    I guess these guys didn’t get the memo that fans DO NOT CARE what these
    athlete’s are on! These so called writers come across as passive aggressive
    jealous hater’s! TRT extends the career of aging fighters & thus allows
    them to make more money for their families. For all of the sacrifices that
    fighters go through, sanctioning TRT is the least we can do.

  24. Gregory Wilson says:

    What about Condit vs Hendricks? 

  25. Eli Elikoo says:

    Gustafsson’s rise is pretty amazing. I was in the world tour press
    conference that the UFC held in NYC back in July. The crowds were going
    crazy for GSP, JDS, Cain, Jones and the rest, but when they came to
    Gustafsson there was only one guy who cheered for him the entire time. 6
    months later he’s one of the biggest stars in the UFC and on the cover of
    EA sports.

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