25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 29”

  1. GenXXX32 says:

    what the fuck are guys talking about …. it was the most awesome ending
    ever… i am not dissapointed

  2. Kevin Hall says:

    I have no interest in watching Ronda Rousey or any other female fighter
    compete. I would have bought the last PPV but there was a womens fight on
    it. I think unless the UFC seperates the womens division from the mens
    with seperate PPV’s, it’ll be the downfall of the UFC.

  3. LaidBackWizzz says:

    I think the reason why ronda is so popular, is because haters make more of
    an effort compared to fans of fighters. 

  4. BLITZ1993 says:

    Not hating but i would rather watch a Cain,Aldo,Weidman or Jones fight
    rather than Ronda and i think most people would to.

  5. justin boom says:

    anderson vs weidman 3 

  6. Carlos Sainz says:

    1- Weidman beat Silva fair and square morons, just by knowing how to check
    kicks is part of training, he won by using his defense morons….very
    simple …

    2- Ahh they took him to the Hospital for operation morons, who cares

    3- Who likes Belroid????, he will lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4- No Silva or GSP this means Weidman is the next generation…..If Silva
    comes back he will have to earn a shot at the title…He wont come back….

  7. BlueNose1690i says:

    33:04 They really ordered that PPV to watch those two chicks fight, really?
    stop talking out your ass.

  8. David Roberts says:

    I remember fans and media in denial after Anderson beat Rich … twice. The
    Dan fight earned the respect of a champion then the Forrest fight he became
    looked at as magically unbeatable ever since.

  9. Clymax01 says:

    Ronda Rules!!

  10. Iamgilly95 says:

    how was Sonnen disappointing? he dominated Anderson in the first, was
    trying to take Silva down in the second but Anderson cheated by grabbing
    his shorts and the fence at the same time preventing the Take down, then it
    took a slip for Anderson to do anything. If you want to blame anyone for
    that fight, blame Anderson he should of been on his back getting destroyed
    again. Once again a dumb comment from Chuck Mindenhall, it seems like half
    of the time he comes out with dumb shit.

  11. The Broken One says:

    Man, you guys are not super stars no one wants to hear who you are before
    you talk just start. Not to mention you are constantly putting their names
    up during the show. And these mofo’s acting like it wasn’t a real finish.
    It was one of the most brutal finishes you could have. It was final, his
    career could be over. 

  12. Alex E says:

    get the fox contributors out of there man, everytime they talk its just
    like nails on a chalkboard.. idiots

  13. cosmingZzZz says:

    Jon Jones is the biggest star in the UFC. Put Ronda vs anyone to headline a
    PPV, and then do the same with JJ. Not to mention credentials… 

  14. Trent Haaker says:

    Ariel, I think the reason they didn’t show Anderson on the stretcher is
    because he was screaming repeatedly, as reported by a lot of people at the
    event and backstage. Not something you’d want to show on the UFC’s part.

  15. Sio Lord says:

    I was surprised that you guys didn’t talk more about TRT for the Weidman vs
    Belfort fight. Especially since Belfort’s last 3 fights have been outside
    the US. Will this fight really be in the US and if so, will Belfort be able
    to get a TRT exemption?

  16. Candy Coated Poison says:

    Vitors mohawk is a bad hair cut? LOL, luke, your hair cut wouldn’t attract
    any half decent female. Fuck up geek.

  17. sacv27 says:

    @KevinHall you’re ridiculous haha

  18. Spencer Steele says:

    So with the ufc online can you watch PPV’s live ??

  19. ecabernet says:

    ronda is cool, no doubt. but for me its all about the big guys. if i had to
    chose between watching cain or ronda fight, to me it would be cain every
    single time.

  20. william samuelsen says:

    the problem whit ronda rousey its ufc protecting her and just give her cans
    like liz and miehsa i only fight whit ronda rousey that would intrest me
    alot its cyborg altso little exited for the sarah mcman fight my main
    problem whit that fight its that i chouldent give more a damn about mcman
    but whit right promotion that might change 

  21. Jason Woodbeck says:

    Now there’s a new king and his name is Chris weidman he won no matter what

  22. Caleb Medeiros says:

    Good show! Though I think Anderson will come back and has every right if he
    wants to! I think Weidman was just lucky to be at the right place at the
    right time

  23. Shawn M says:

    Luke Thomas should be on every single show. Also Ciapetta should be fired
    I and everyone I know hate him.

  24. Brian Pohl says:

    I had the same injury when I was 15 and I handled it a lot better than
    Anderson. I had to drag my body back to a ski lodge.

  25. MrSkeletoncrew says:

    Ariel. Anderson was a can crusher, never the GOAT. He always beat scrubs.
    The true GOAT walked away from the belt in November.

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