25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 30”

  1. kopxpert says:

    Dominick Cruz is just too injury prone, there’s nothing anyone can do about
    this. U see this in other sports too when a talented person just gets
    injured all the time and can’t fulfill their potential…

  2. ends it all says:

    you’re right about Dominick Cruz even though he doesn’t get knockouts, its
    entertaining to watch his fights. Cruz is a tactician that can pick apart
    any fighter with his mind and exploit his opponents weaknesses in the cage.
    he will find a way to return and rise the ranks when he is healed.

  3. tiki0036 says:

    Luke Thomas making the best points, once again.

  4. Mark Moir says:

    Man I still remember Fedor knocking out Arlovski like it was yesterday.
    Arlovski was doing great, then BOOM, a classic fedor right hand made him
    face plant in mid air haha Fedor GOAT!

  5. Chance Jolivette says:

    they bashing brock but uhmmm he WAS a champion, he lost to cain whom is a
    monster and lost to Overeem on steroids with a bad stomach, he not the
    scrub ya’ll making him out to be 

  6. theodore bormet says:

    great show once again

  7. Eric Santos says:

    Not trying to discredit Dominick but I doubt he would have even been able
    to beat Barao or Faber after a 2 year lay off. 

  8. Jack Roberts says:

    One day please allow there to be hot drinks in those cups – PLEASE :-‘(

  9. edward shively says:

    does luke think hes cool or something when he says hes going to be drunk on
    saturday? what a douche

  10. Telvin Ilustrisimo says:

    Fucking Bjork blocked me on Twitter for asking him to make that fight. Man
    I hope Eddie beats Chandler again so can that title and run 

  11. Steven Walker says:

    ‘Spectacular’ and ‘subtle’ should not be used together to describe

  12. Nino Brown says:

    it sucks that dominick cruz is having his prime fighting years taken away
    from him because of this injury and may never be the same fighter again. i
    like urijah faber but i think renan barao is absolutely going to work
    urijah faber maybe even finish him this time. urijah is one of those guys
    who’s always at the top but can never cross that threshold of champion
    status especially against bad style matchups like renan and aldo he’s in a
    very similar position as junior dos santos where i think he’ll always just
    be number 2 in his division.

  13. kopxpert says:

    Korea vs Japan would be AWESOME. The rivalry between these countries should
    be taken advantage of by MMA promoters (UFC in particular). But getting the
    best fighters from both countries to fight each other is easier said than
    done tho (obviously)

  14. Telvin Ilustrisimo says:

    Fucking Bjork blocked me on Twitter for asking him to make that fight. Man
    I hope Eddie beats Chandler again so can that title and run 

  15. Clymax01 says:

    Give Brock easy fights

  16. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    UFC 95 was awesome, Marquarts finish over Gouveia was epic.

  17. John Douglas says:

    Jeff seems like he’s really out of place here. 

  18. thebanaap says:

    awesome episode, funny too.

  19. Clint Cooper says:

    “I would watch that shirtless” good form Luke

  20. BryantJ31 says:

    MMA is legitimate sport obviously but Pro wrestling will always be
    associate with MMA and through out history Pro Wrestling has boosted up
    either a MMA fighter I.E. Ken Shamrock, Tank Abott or an Organization I.E.

  21. Kenny Powers says:

    Cruz needs to change his style because its taking its toll on him, i think
    fighting at featherweight would be ideal due to the fact losing less weight
    and lowers the chance of injury 

  22. isidbigi says:

    please kill that bearded fuck 

  23. Jeff Shaffer says:

    Where is lukes chat?? U uploaded this but not his chat

  24. BeanoSmokinAce says:

    Luc is a legend 

  25. kevinpdude says:

    I think these guys are smoking crack sometimes. Dominick Cruz will be back.
    The possibility of him retiring even if he is out for another 2 years is
    not existent.

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