25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 31”

  1. TheMass33 says:

    HENDRICKS wanted Wada cause GSP is Vadas boy. Everyone knows this. Why did
    GSP turn Wada down? I love GSP. Wada tests more and has no attachments to
    any entity. Comparing GSP when he fought BJ Penn to now. Is like night and
    day. GSP is great. Great for the sport and a great role model. But why turn
    down Wada. Wada is where the truth is. Not Vada that is ran by dirt balls. 

  2. kopxpert says:

    I thought GSP (temporarily/indefinite period) left because he wants to lead
    a normal life and sort out his personal problems and whatnot. So why is he
    doing & saying stuff to make him in the limelight again? I’m just talking
    to myself here. Dont want to start arguments with GSP fanboys…

  3. j.s.t says:

    to answer the No.1 question – Luke finally got Ebola.

  4. Michael Zand says:

    Episodes when you instigate and either talk to much against UFC and or
    popular fighters are the worst episodes. 

  5. Bart Wojtowicz says:

    mma beat is so awesome

  6. InAntWeTrust says:

    We want LUKE!

  7. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    keith kizer has obviously paid off mike chiappetta

  8. HydroBud98 says:

    I want to see a round table with Ariel, Luke, Rogan, Mindenhall and Hardy!

  9. Talal Khazal says:

    Wonder what LUKE THOMAS has to say about all these subjects…

  10. OcelotDAD says:

    It’s because PED’s are exciting. They are KO’s. They are Vitor Belforts.
    They are money.

  11. qbl22 says:

    10 luke fanboys

  12. GR33NM0NK33 says:

    Why don’t you talk about how Travis Browne wins with illegal elbows.
    The way he knocked out Gonzaga and Barnett was a blatant breach of the

  13. therealmo says:

    Jeff looks like Taco 

  14. Jack Roberts says:

    It’s got barely anything to do with accountability, you need to realise
    that. Do you honestly believe that Mazagatti wants fighters to get hurt?

    The issue is one of incompetence. You need to ensure competence – employ a
    three strike system or, in a comparable fashion to the criminal law, hold
    the decision of the offender to a body of referees in a similar situation.

    PS – 2 rounds in 2 fights is NOT the same as 4 rounds. I know CW won but if
    you were to end all of AS fights 2 minutes into the second he would have a
    record not nearly impressive – Henderson, Chael Sonnen etc… He is a
    fighter which matures in the later rounds. Please, It’s not difficult.

  15. Donald Diaz says:

    Gsp dark place finally coming out

  16. Tony Tony says:

    Great episode!!

  17. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Wow chiapet you are the worst, everything you say is so dumb and negative.

    NEVER let Mike back, clearly he just wants so make retarded statements just
    to disagree.

    I don’t know who is worse Mike or Jeff both suck big time for different
    reasons, Chucks the man, Ariel is the boss, and Luke is the heel. These two
    just blow.

  18. BannerGundown says:


  19. Cory Jamal Andriani-Williams says:

    Anderson popped his shin on an unchecked kick though, the second kick which
    was check is what broke it, but after the pop it was a matter of time.
    anderson’s statement actually wasn’t that crazy as he’s referring to the
    initial injury was certainly a fluky.

  20. Adolfo Foronda says:

    Great but get Luke back. 

  21. Michael Glenn says:

    You blokes are talking over each other!

  22. gingerbreadboy says:

    No Luke boooo!!!

  23. Alex E says:

    Thank you Ariel, for showing these idiots how much of a clown they sound

  24. Telvin Ilustrisimo says:

    Boy is Bellator sinking, which is y I say WSOF is #2 in my book 

  25. Caleb Medeiros says:

    It was also really unprofessional and low for Dana to bash GSP at the post
    fight press conference like he did too. That was crap

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