25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 32”

  1. PaddyIrishman says:

    Joe Rogan is also now the man with the hat

  2. HydroBud98 says:

    I want to see an ultimate round table with Ariel, Luke, Jeff, Chuck, Robin
    Black, Frank Mir, Chael Sonnen, Dan Hardy, Daniel Cormier and Kenny
    Florian. That episode would have to be 2 hours.

  3. Alvaro Gonzalez says:

    BROCK LESNAR vs roy Nelson

  4. Bruce Waynes Son says:

    Getting bored of these fags saying if you like Luke Thomas your up his ass
    n all this shit. Grow up its boring.

  5. tiki0036 says:

    this is the all star lineup.

  6. acdclife94 says:

    alot of luke thomas cock suckers here. You guys are gay

  7. CodeNameKatana says:

    Luke Mothafuckin’ Thomas!!!!!!!!

  8. alex sonnen says:

    fun fact: Jose Aldo has only fought at lightweight once in his career and
    that was his only loss.

  9. Aard Vark says:

    You know what I just realized….how come they never have Karyn Bryant on
    here? Is she never able to make it orrr whats the Dealy-O

  10. Michael Glenn says:

    Aldo and Barao should be P4P Kings and Stars!

  11. BigGee614 says:

    good stuff Luke, great beard

  12. Rob Retzlaff says:

    Wagenhiam, youre annoying, ugly, wear hideous shirts, and you suck at
    getting your point across, Shave your flavor saver and go to hell.

  13. Caleb Medeiros says:

    Why do u guys focus so much on the business side? The fights are more
    important than which fighter sells more 

  14. 7UNnySH1T says:

    whos luke thomas ?

  15. Johan Larsson says:

    i laugh every time luke thomas speaks about dana like he knows him and dana
    will listen to what he has to say…. hahaha

  16. John Galt says:

    I see that no one talked about pipsqueak losing his job (or almost) with
    Fox. LOL!

  17. cesar moya says:

    You guys really need to stop talking about the next stars. I wanna hear
    breakdown on the fights. The ufc is going tk grow regardless. Stars will
    emerge naturally. So just please change the Damn subject. I really like
    this show but this episode sucks. 

  18. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Best line up there is, although not a big fan of Jeff he’s better then

  19. Alex E says:

    get rid of the two idiots on the right, clearly have no idea what they’re
    talking about.

  20. יהושע מתיו says:

    What’s more important; the better fighter or the charismatic ticket seller?
    I agree with the points made in their discussion about the star champions
    falling away, but don’t forget, GSP and Silva weren’t always notorious
    fighters, it takes a while for the ticket selling factor to snowball. Both
    GSP and Silva don’t speak very good English either but were still major
    international attractions.

  21. Javier Uni Rodriguez says:

    Love this show. You guys are the best. Luke Thomas is the new Simon Cowell

  22. thebanaap says:

    Thanks for bringing back Luke Thomas.
    Another great episode.

  23. James Brown says:


  24. Adolfo Foronda says:

    Amen Luke, “Pro Wrestling is Horrible”.

  25. Nuchraptor says:

    Pena got her leg destroyed, that has to be the worst injury that has
    happened to a UFC fighter. Worse than Anderson breaking his leg. Did this
    panel NOT REALIZE how bad that injury is???

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