25 comments on “The MMA Beat: Episode 33”

  1. Bruce Waynes Son says:

    IMO the best MMA beat line up

  2. jic333 says:

    IMO Aldo vs Pettis ain’t a superfight, my definition of one would be if
    both champions had cleared out their divisions. 

  3. FurryFerris says:

    Luke Fucking Thomas
    “Master of Beards”

    Also, pretty good MMA journalist…

  4. David Roberts says:

    I personally became aware of the growing Finish Fan explosion around oh say

  5. johnnybuckbrush says:

    A TEAM!

  6. Anderson Silva says:

    A for ass holes. haha just kidding your the best.

  7. marcelo22793 says:

    @MrPhukYu it was funny when you broke your leg

  8. ambumanzo says:

    The A team.

  9. Adolfo Foronda says:

    Week old post.

  10. Kenny Powers says:

    Conor Mcgreggor!!!

  11. MsLinx123 says:

    The issue with Faber is very clear and simple. He is such an awesome person
    but he is better known for losing to champions. Barao is just better. If
    they had a rematch, Barao would beat Faber again. I think that Faber has
    gotten quite a lot of chances to be champion and he has failed to beat any
    of them.

  12. direktFF says:

    Luke “Bellator’s Own” Thomas, not only stuck up, with a broom up his rear,
    but can’t give WSOF due credit. Very professional.

  13. easternhero255 says:

    THE A+ TEAM!!!

  14. nick james says:

    I watched this episode last week. Old news..

  15. noj moj says:

    What about fight at 150 and both belts on the line, and then its the
    winners choice which belt to vacate and which division he want to stay at.
    It would be much more epic,make history, sell a TONN of PPW and make alot
    of headlines, IMO win win for everyone. Even for the guy who looses, he
    could just fight someone else for the vacated belt…. get it? Well IMO it
    would be the best way to go.

  16. Tom Schreiner says:

    You should leave links in the description as to when certain topics start!
    Love the show though!

  17. Forrest Franklin says:

    Wasn’t this already posted?

  18. 85Kryptonite says:

    I don’t think Pettis vs Aldo is even a superfight because Pettis hasnt even
    defended the belt once…yeah Pettis is a great fighter, and it would be a
    great fight that I would like to see but it shouldnt be at a catch weight
    or be called a superfight because its just not.

  19. Danny D says:

    Luke fucking Thomas… Brilliant

  20. Jimbo Batigan says:

    it’s true ariel it’s damn true haha hilarious

  21. marcelo22793 says:

    it was about time

  22. hellosaysme08 says:

    Mike Chiapetta is such a shithead. Hate hearing that lad talk so much…

  23. googleboughtmee says:

    Johnson moved up a weight class and still missed weight, had comedic
    pictures circling of him looking 350lbs, and was a big name with a ton of
    potential. Of course he gets more attention than Lineker.

  24. BrokenBon3sx says:

    that one guy has an annoying speech impediment, kick him off 

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