25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 34”

  1. gingerbreadboy says:

    If they’d only waited one day to film this and talk about TRT.

  2. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Gil vs Pettis as coachs is the worst decision ever, fuck that shit.

  3. marcelo22793 says:

    ufc has being doing anything in its power to get rid of vitor. I think Dana
    wants Chris as champion no matter what

  4. kopxpert says:

    I think the FIGHTPASS talk should stop already. For all the people who
    thinks 10 bucks per month is worth it, just continue on and pay and if it’s
    not worth it, dont buy it. No one’s forcing u to, it’s JUST LIKE ANY OTHER

  5. Christopher Leyva says:

    UFC selling Wolf Tickets (AKA Fight Pass)!

  6. GR33NM0NK33 says:

    At least Ariel and Chuck don’t force feed their opinion down your throat.
    We want to listen to a discussion, not a overblown windbag like Luke
    Thomas, who has an opinion on everything. He would even criticize the
    consistency of a fighters poop, if given the reasoning. He has his own
    show, let the dick riders get the “luke fix” there. Bring in ex or current
    fighters on the panel or something.
    Yeah, I’m a hater alright. Fuck you. 

  7. Adam Glasgow says:

    The guy in the oraage shirt looks like the kind of guy that would have
    mocked mma in the past but now realises it is big and he could make money
    discussing it. He now pretends to like it

  8. Anuz urjy says:

    Chuck, you are true example of good media. You give out fact straight up
    and let us decide how we think about it. Unlike others who try to make you
    believe wht they believe is right.

  9. a.gon says:

    Probably because they want to make this fight as marketable as possible by
    makin it for the title which cant be done at a catchweight

  10. JihadKiller1s1k says:

    fuck unions!!!! unions would kill the sport…..

  11. Freddie Lee says:

    Don’t buy anymore UFC PPV’S UFC is for Homosexuals!
    UFC Promotes Rape, violence, and homosexual activities
    And most of all UFC is not real “MMA”
    Wake up you mindless fools and quit promoting this bullshit

  12. vaju79 says:

    cyborg would kill the judo girl, first death in the ring ever in the ufc,
    thats not a fight i would like to watch.

  13. RHYS PEREGRINE says:

    Hawaiian shirt talks and talks. Talks some more.
    Doesn’t really say anything.
    Luke just sits. Stares.
    Feels quietly superior.

  14. JHaz says:

    Both Melendez and Pettis will come back from one year layoffs… I can’t
    believe they still push TUF.

  15. grahamhg says:

    Does Cyborg get TRT exemption?

  16. Zahrlavi says:

    Too bad they recorded this before Weidman vs Machida was announced for UFC

  17. HydroBud98 says:

    I have not watched this full episode yet so I don’t know if this is
    completely off subject but…Poirier vs. Corassani, Wineland vs. Eduardo
    and Brandao vs. Chope are booked…WTF?…WTF!!! Poirier vs. Corassani?
    AKIRA CORASSANI??? HAHAHA! WTF? Brandao vs. Chope! CHOPE??? Chope lost his
    UFC debut against Holloway by KO and now Shelby is throwing him to
    Brandao! WTF kind of sense does that make? It should have been Poirier vs.
    Stephens and Wineland should have fought Dillashaw, Mizugaki or Assuncao.
    Is Sean Shelby booking these COMPLETELY ridiculous matchups just for the
    sake of saving the best for last? and “last” being the top contenders? Damn
    it man…impatience, bad matchmaking and fighter pay are ruining the UFC.

  18. tiki0036 says:

    Finally, you guys are back in my life. Welcome back, Ariel!

  19. ends it all says:

    Its obvious that they picked Pettis to fight Melendez on TUF a couple of
    months from now because his knee hasn’t healed yet. This move by the UFC
    gives him time to heal and perfect exposure for both fighters.

  20. wu10314 says:

    Yo! White hair orange shirt! GET to the mother f’n point bro!

  21. Splenda4ever says:

    I hate Nate.

  22. Booker Cocks says:

    They filmed this like hours before the news on the TRT ban + belfort
    situation. And then they took a few days to upload it to youtube.

    Wish they would upload to youtube faster, i like your website and all but i
    prefer watching the videos on youtube.

  23. cybah786 says:


  24. GR33NM0NK33 says:

    Fuck GSP. I only liked him as a fighter. As a person, he is about as
    exiting as wet paint drying. The “aliens” must have stole his charisma too.

  25. vaju79 says:

    The UFC is a cancer in the mma scene. they are killing the sport and
    leaching fighters.

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