25 comments on “The MMA Beat: Episode 35”

  1. kopxpert says:

    And just because this Gus vs Manuwa card is only accessible to Americans
    (legally) on fightpass it doesnt mean not many ppl are watching. There are
    millions of MMA fans all over the world watching this card on tv in their
    comforts of their homes. Sometimes I get annoyed with these
    pundits/journalist who seem to think American fans are far more important
    than “overseas” fans. Seriously…

  2. larsoveful says:

    the only one that followed the rules because they where tested during
    camp,now its a free for all,mma doesnt have drug testing before after the
    fight.you can cykle off before the fight and test clean.the test. I take
    are out of the system in three days.

  3. torr v lewis says:

    you guys should start a sportswriter’s mma hall of fame! get the guys
    honored who deserve the honor!

  4. murdockqotsa says:

    If you bring Luke back I won’t ever watch this show again.
    (comments need some balance)

  5. aaronCapricorn says:

    One could only imagine what all he(Vitor belfort) was on from when he first
    won the HW championship just over 15 years ago.

  6. marcelo22793 says:

    too many fags are missing Luke in here

  7. OcelotDAD says:

    I’d like to see you guys talk a bit more about Lyoto Machida. You always
    just “mention” him.. and he is a very interesting fighter.

  8. sparkyanddaisy says:

    i hope jimi can pull off a upset tonight as no one’s giving him a chance.

  9. GR33NM0NK33 says:

    Fight Pass? HAH! No fucking way UFC. Guess I’m waiting for the torrent.

  10. Michael Zand says:

    Still talking about TRT?
    Ok bye

  11. walterreally says:

    Friends make the worst enemies. Luke should know that by now.

    Ariel backstabbed him.

  12. tim mutohfan says:

    not the same without Luke Thomas

  13. Booker Cocks says:

    Thanks for the quick upload to youtube :)

  14. SammyBoyy300 says:


  15. kopxpert says:

    I want to see the possibility of the champ Rousey gets beaten or at least
    pushed to her limits and putting Carano against her in a title fight is
    just ridiculous and would probably be like DC vs Cummins. Gina hasnt fought
    for years and I agree with the panel that it’s kinda an insult to MMA. What
    are u talking abt Ariel? Forget the “drama” or about “selling” fights. We
    want competitive MMA (at least I do). Cyborg has the potential to give
    Rousey a good fight at the moment. Gina? I like her but come on…

  16. larsoveful says:

    Vitor get the blame again,saying he failed a test nobody says he has
    failed.the fights are getting boring and downtime for injuries is getting
    longer.but if american fighters are using it thats fine.chael and henderson
    its fine cause they are american.its not the same for cyborg she hasnt been
    in the organisation.

  17. TheLastFraudster says:

    A Jew, a munchkin man, a grand wizard and Michael Stipe have a conversation
    about MMA….. Interesting.

  18. Lildrummerboy714 says:

    For mma analysts its sad none of them considered the possibility that the ”
    Secret news” Joe was refering to could be that maybe the UFC is in talks
    with Gina Corano coming in and establishing a new womans 145 pound weight
    class. I highly doubt Dana or the ufc would make gina come in and fight
    Rousey right off the bat having not fought for over 4 years in a weight
    class smaller then her own. Come Ariel think outside the box sheesh

  19. tom rock says:

    Where’s Luke? Bring him back instead of that little snobby Marc guy!

  20. Carnius797 says:

    Needs more luke thomas

  21. MojoSoDope19 says:

    I don’t think Ariel nose what he’s talking about

  22. Kris Kunisch says:

    Marc looks unusually small next to the other three. 

  23. Kenny Powers says:

    For us Brits we have Gus vs Manuwa on cable TV, now you Americans know how
    we feel for once.

  24. ufcismma says:

    Does anyone complain about there being college basketball games on back to
    back all day every Saturday, nope, so why is the UFC having 2 events on the
    same day such a big deal, it’s not like it is a new concept to sports. 

  25. Jeff St says:

    Man these guys are such fucking downers.

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