25 comments on “The MMA Beat: Episode 36”

  1. The Machine says:

    These guys aren’t even interested in fights, just the stupid fucking
    gossip. Their like 4 little girls in high school. 

  2. Swp Andrei says:

    3 Morons and Ariel !!

  3. dblocknyc says:


  4. Michael Zand says:

    For the love of god can you stop having bashing discussions ?! TRT is over
    now u gotta bash PPV’s ?!
    Insane ! Its so obvious you WANT to talk negative about stuff. Makes me
    MMA beat PMS style ! Why the fuck do you cover MMA if you have to bitch
    about it. Just do something else. Unless you enjoy bitching

  5. The Machine says:

    Mike “I can’t form a coherent thought Chiapetta”

  6. pwdrblu says:

    The Nerd Beat, bwaaah!!!

  7. Brendan B says:

    Awesome show again! Thanks for making these. 

  8. thebanaap says:

    Please get Gareth A. Davies on the show.

  9. Joe Hernandez says:

    Last episodes line up was better.

  10. DeFy18 says:

    i dont care about jones, dude is an arrogant jesus fanatic hypocrite. Not
    to mention his fights have become stale if his opponent isn’t gustafsson.

  11. Alex E says:

    Luke, Ariel, & 2 idiots 

  12. Logan says:

    Immediate rematches should only be for Draws or a split decision where a
    champ loses his/her belt but it’s clear that they should have won 

  13. themondoshow says:

    I spoke to robbie lawler and he told me he likes anal sex

  14. Say What Again says:

    +plastique45 No GSP didn’t win the fight. I already know that your side of
    the debate will be GSP landed more strikes that first round but so what?
    Hendricks landed the much harder strikes that meant alot more. Since when
    does a strike equal a strike? That’s never been the case. You can’t just
    look at fight metric and pretend that scores rounds. It’s nothing more than
    a stat keeper. It’s not a round scorer. Hendricks won that fight. There’s a
    reason why most agree with this and only GSP fans have looked for BS
    arguments for him winning when they know he didn’t.

  15. Tony Bridge says:

    Looks like you’ve learned your lesson. No Luke Thomas = downvoted. 

  16. Wanderlei says:

    Luke Thomas is pretentious, long-winded, a dullard, a nerd and most
    importantly… Usually wrong.

  17. spadestube says:

    what happens if Hendrix and Lawler draws?

  18. chaosrealm99 says:

    Luke, jeff and and the man with the hat should be permanent. thats it

  19. Paul de Gelder says:

    Luke needs to let others speak more. Poor Jeff, barley got three words in. 

  20. psytanto says:

    Luke, what is up with the resume talk dude?

  21. 715aalex says:

    plastique45 is deranged. Hendricks got robbed, Rory is overrated and got
    beat legit. 

  22. Logan says:

    Still want to see Jones vs Hendo

  23. Logan says:

    Never trust a man who has two first names… Luke Thomas 

  24. peteressay says:

    I don’t really think Jon Jones went through “murderer’s row.” Arguably, 3
    of his title fights were against middleweights (Chael, Vitor, Lyoto) and 3
    were against guys out of their prime (Rashad, Rampage, Shogun). His only
    real fight against a top LightHeavyweight was against Gustafsson. And I’m
    pretty sure more people think Alex won that fight. 

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