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  1. walterreally says:

    I agree with Luke on one thing though. If Diaz finishes Lawler in brutal
    fashion, then he will definitely get the title shot. No doubt. The place
    will erupt, even though his claims of being more sell-able are dubious. 

  2. deemorris9000 says:

    Rogan is just a pothead who happens to do mma commentary, people shouldn’t
    expect excellence from him let’s be real. 

  3. InAntWeTrust says:


  4. cosmingZzZz says:

    Woodley vs Lombard makes the most sense. If neither had the stellar
    performances needed to warrant an immediate title shot (although I think
    both looked awesome), then put them in there together. As for Diaz (who I
    am a big fan of), give him Rory or Lawler, although I’d prefer the latter
    for obvious reasons ;)

  5. PoRT says:

    Get the MMA Hour videos on YouTube yo!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TopShelf says:

    What fans were asking “What is GSP going to do before a fight?” The guy
    hadn’t finished a fight against a true welterweight since 2007. We all new
    what GSP was going to do…blast double leg tackle and grind out boring

  7. HydroBud98 says:

    YES! Hendricks being injured is a blessing in disguise.
    MacDonald vs. Woodley for #1 Contender
    Diaz vs. Lawler 2 for the #1 Contender AFTER! MacDonald or Woodley get
    their Shot.
    Lombard vs. Kim
    I think all these fights should be on the same card, either a PPV or for
    UFC on FOX 12
    Main Event – Diaz vs. Lawler 2
    MacDonald vs. Woodley – Co-Main Event
    Lombard vs. Kim
    Diaz vs. Lawler 2 needs to be a Main Event but maybe MacDonald vs. Woodley
    should be a Main Event also so that we see how they perform in the
    Championship rounds. MacDonald vs. Woodley could be the Main Event for a
    UFC on Fox Sports 1 Card. Swanson vs. Stephens is the Main Event for a UFC
    on Fox Sports 1 Card on June 28th so I think another good idea could be
    MacDonald vs. Woodley being the Main Event on that card and Swanson vs.
    Stephens the Co-Main which would make that card look great. ALTHOUGH! Diaz
    vs. Lawler 2, MacDonald vs. Woodley and Lombard vs. Kim all being on the
    same card would be EPIC! and if PROMOTED RIGHT! could do very big numbers
    for a PPV or UFC on FOX card.

  8. dblocknyc says:

    I find it CRAZY no1 is really talking about Lombard. He had the clearest
    and most impressive victory IMO. at 170? great thus far. DOMINATED and
    flipped Shields around, when no1 came close to doing that b4..
    Woodley/Lombard for #1……

  9. okdg says:

    Chuck is right about Diaz’s last 2 fights. I wish people would stop saying
    Diaz is 0-2 and doesn’t have any merit. I hate how everyone just assumes
    Diaz doesn’t deserve a shot and that all his fans are deluded because he is
    such an entertaining fighter, no. When Diaz said I’ve already been through
    it, I should get the shot, he is right, if he was asking for GSP he would
    be in the wrong. Look at Diaz’s record, If you take away a cut loss in a
    fight he was winning that he avenged and that BS decision to Condit, he
    went on an 18 fight win streak before losing to GSP off a 14 month lay off,
    even before that he had 4 close decisions go against him when he could of
    easily got the decisions, his only real loss came in 2002 and he finished
    that guy twice after that fight. Diaz is a great fighter,who is coming off
    1 real loss to GSP like Hendricks was. He has headlined 8 UFC and
    Strikeforce cards and is by far the biggest draw.
    If you watched the Hendricks Lawler fight and you don’t think Diaz would
    knock out a gassed out Hendricks in the 4th and 5th you are fucking high,
    Hendricks doesn’t have the ground control and the jiu jitsu that GSP had
    and Diaz has a wicked Jiu jitsu game, I really think Diaz could easily
    submit Hendricks from his back in the first 3 or knock him out on the feet
    in the last 2. I say give him a shot.
    If you take everything into consideration he is much more deserving than
    Woodley, MacDonald and Lombard.

  10. tiki0036 says:

    Jeff is officially a made man now. He’s earned his stripes.

  11. phantom10456 says:

    The big news is Ariel Helwani is a bully.. he’s been intimidating fighters
    and threatening them and that’s why the UFC are pushing him away. 

  12. Kevin Mard says:

    Great show, every week.

  13. James Peach says:


  14. Edin Pandzic says:

    hendrix lost the fight vs lawler for the fake belt…..

  15. Ryan O'Ceiglah says:

    In this family of MMA journalists, Ariel is the baby, Chuck is the brother
    in highschool, Jeff is the uncle, and Luke is the DADDY!

  16. SwordsmanRyan says:

    Come on, guys. You record this before UFC Fight Night but post the video
    here after the fight. That’s pointless. I’m not going to your website.
    Post to YouTube or don’t bother posting.

  17. Larry Burke says:

    What was actually described was the reason that diaz should not be
    considered for a title fight. It is called MMA for a reason. Diaz needs to
    plug this gap in his game if he wants to be champ.
    Give Diaz a fight with a stand up fighter, sounds good, probably a good
    fight. Don’t cheapen the championship by tailoring fights for anyone.

  18. Alessio Orazi says:

    Ariel Helwani for the walterweight title!!!!

  19. Noodlehorn says:

    19:50 What Wagenheim (and most male ‘MMA jounalists’) don’t know about
    female fighters – EVEN IN THE UFC – could fill a book.

  20. Alex Kovalex says:

    Lawler was rubbed check Hendricks face after the fight

  21. Eli Elikoo says:

    I believe Hector Lombard is going to be the welterweight champ. Deadly
    striking and crazy take downs. If he works on his ground and pound a little
    more he will be even scarier. 

  22. StreamerZZ2011 says:

    I totally agree with Luke about putting Diaz up against a wrestler… I think
    there is a big different between a top contender and a title shot because I
    think more people will play it safe in a top contender shot to be sure to
    fight for the title.. Therefore there are a likelihood that a wrestler will
    hump him instead of fighting him.. And Yea I fucking love Diaz against a
    striker.. Isn’t that what we all want? And then see Diaz chin get tested
    against Hendrix…

  23. Octavio Rodriguez-Ortiz says:

    woodley vs diaz. there.

  24. thebroomcupboard says:

    Man with the hat – I like you

  25. R1ckDeckard says:

    As much as I love UFC (and that is a whole lot, by the way) I wish MMA Beat
    covered a little bit more of Bellator. Their fight cards are getting
    better, some divisions are getting some depth and they are emerging as a
    genuine competition to Zuffa’s monopoly on great fights and generating
    stars of their own(Chandler-Alvarez saga, for example). And Luke Thomas
    loves himself some Bellator. WSOF and Invicta could use some love as well.

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