25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 38”

  1. Eddie King says:

    Dan Henderson Beat Lyoto Machida, FACT.

  2. TrippinBraah says:

    no luke thomas? 

  3. andresCS714 says:

    Im glad I found this show! Awesome

  4. onv says:

    so the guy had a wife when he was 18 ? what the fuck is wrong with people

  5. Randy Santos says:

    I still wanna see another shogun vs machida fight !
    Shogun is the only guy to ko the dragon 

  6. Karma says:

    we all wanted to see never happened… GSP vs SILVA and JONES vs SILVA…
    made that shit happened but lemme tell you how those two fights would’ve
    went down. Okay, GSP would’ve made Anderson his bitch. Chael dominated
    Anderson in the first fight and he’s nowhere near GSP’s wrestling.. K SO
    GSP WINS BY UNANIMOUS DECISION.. Now let’s take a look at Silva vs Jones…
    This fight would be interesting.. I would have to say that there would be a
    70% chance that Jones would win.. SO GSP IS THE GOAT. If you agree with me
    then copy and paste this to make the haters mad hahaha

  7. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Wow Jeff is such a clown. The guy was 18 at the time and found out his wife
    was cheating on him. It;s 5 years later and if she can forgive him why
    can’t a stinky old man.

    I wish Jeff and Mike wouldn’t be on here anymore, Chucks the man, Luke is a
    good heel and Ariel is the name value. Jeff and Mike add nothing.

    You can tell Chiadouche is a failed journalist who couldn’t make it in any
    other sport so he tried mma. Have fun watching basketball chiapet.

  8. peka400 says:

    Much better without luke thomas

  9. GRIFF says:

    Imagine if Dan Henderson dropped an h bomb on ariel’s nose..

  10. kevinpdude says:

    Who the fuck is anybody to tell another they cant fight anymore? Suggesting
    they need some type of legislative rule to say when they cant fight anymore
    is outrageous. They know what they are doing when they sign on for a fight.
    I can see if someone has a mental disability, then yes someone needs to
    step in.

    Tired of hearing this shit with football and MMA, these are contact sports
    and will forever be dangerouse, as long as these men and women know what
    they are getting into and any long term affects that doing this can produce
    then there should be no problems.

    I am guessing within the next 10 years the NFL will be a no contact flag
    football league and MMA will be just like a sparring session with pads and
    head gear.

  11. preachinshawn says:

    Chuck is so right about the UFC being inconsistent in their decisions.
    Never say never with Zuffa.

  12. jeffrey marshall says:

    MMA just isn’t what it used to be…like I used to not miss a fight…from
    Strike Force to WEC to UFC…now I only watch the PPV cards for the
    UFC…like I understand that Dana what’s to get into these different
    markets but over the last 2 or 3 years he’s messed the sport up for me

  13. comuel89 says:

    wow bro your shirt is… extraordinary.

  14. HydroBud98 says:

    Lawler vs. Ellenberger booked for UFC 173…that’s a good fight but damn
    this shit is pissing me off. Saffiedine was “forced” out due to “injury”???
    I just don’t know anymore…

  15. larsoveful says:

    henderson is on trt to and now he has to stop and his finished.when votor
    fights everybodys ctying about the trt stuff,when henderson fights nobody
    says a word.cant belive the brasilian commission let this fight happen when
    vitor couldnt fight in vegas.they are shure more forgiving than I would be.

  16. rollexx says:

    shogun was winning 2 rounds to none before the stoppage, i still think he
    deserves respect for this fight as well. neither legends should retire,
    still some fight in them

  17. johnnybuckbrush says:

    Take out the Hawaiian shirt guy and replace him with Luke = A team!

  18. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Ariel sounds like such a moron, did he never watch Hendo fight? Hendo has
    never moved his neck he has always been stiff?

    Go watch the Bisping fight Ariel.

    As for Shogun he has only been KOd once, he took a beating against Jones,
    Hendo and Gus. Other then that what “wars” has he had? Most of his fights
    are quick KOs in his favor.

  19. HydroBud98 says:

    Dana White always talks about other organizations and how they do not know
    what they’re doing. Anticipation for some Title Fights is really starting
    to fade away for me. Dana and whoever else made the decision to book all
    these events way in advance and back to back really fucked up. This shit is
    getting ridiculous…low fighter pay, impatience and bad matchmaking
    are slowly starting to ruin the UFC, in my opinion.

  20. Parkhall2009 says:

    Jeff Wagenheim = Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski

  21. Zac Burns says:

    joe rogan podcast

  22. RedneckRectum says:

    helwani such a fag

  23. D1E5ECT says:

    This old fat man from espn is a dumb turd. A misdemeanor from 5 yrs ago?
    Are u kidding me . Dana white is a bitch for not telling him 

  24. Robert BM says:

    Wagenheim wants DC to prove himself but wants Gus to have a rematch with
    Jones after defeating Manuwa.

    The hypocrisy.

    Feijao is a better fighter than Manuwa.

  25. Chance Jolivette says:

    march madness and walking dead 

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