25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 41”

  1. mastertoyster says:

    my god take chuck off the show he’s so akward when he talks

  2. Omar Correa says:

    How is the oblique kick different from a knee bar? They both can cause the
    same damage.

  3. upload says:

    glory looks more entertaining than ufc

  4. Swp Andrei says:

    Again .. We gave to much attention to this morons , and srsly , they are
    insulting UFC left and right , like nothing that UFC does its good , they
    are promoting crappy leagues …. They have in their mind that UFC its this
    evil thing that only cares about money and bussines and not at all about
    the sport … fucking idiots , and again they keep insulting fighters left
    and right, prasing their own opinions like they know everything left and
    right… and again they talk like they know what the fans think and want
    … 4 fucking idiots , bring back the guy with the blue shirt that was 2
    eps ago , atleast that guy knew what he was talking about wasnt talking out
    of his ass

  5. belgid says:

    One Glover down, one Gus is next. Dont eat your heart out haters lol.

  6. Michael Zand says:

    LOL = “Its unfair to single out Jon Jones”
    Really? You compare grabbing cage with eye poke?
    Who else in UFC history has done so many against eye pokes?
    Plz, go ahead and let us know.

    We get it he is the champ. You dont want to criticize too much.
    Grow some balls !

  7. HydroBud98 says:

    16:25 What Jones did to Teixeira with the arm crank kind of reminded me of
    what Commodus did to Maximus in the movie Gladiator. Commodus stabbed
    Maximus under the arm to weaken him during the fight. In my opinion, what
    Jones did is a cheap move. Jones should have fought the very best Teixeira
    in the octagon and just try to finish him instead of weakening him with
    that arm crank that was not meant for a finish in the beginning of the
    fight like Commodus did to Maximus. It didn’t work for Commodus though.

  8. comuel89 says:

    fuck luke thomas

  9. Arcee says:

    I am also disappointed that the panel did not bring up the fact that a
    fighter was fined and suspended for calling Fallon Fox, a fighter who was
    also not in the UFC, unkind words. That situation should have been
    juxtaposed with Dana and Honda’s comments to show the disparity in rule

  10. Alan Nicholas says:

    Jon Jones could commit murder and Luke Thomas would try to find a way to
    defend him.

  11. Case Morg says:

    top 5 MMA analysts; #1 Robin Black #2 Luke Thomas #3 John Ramdeen #4 Ariel
    Hewani #5 Mike Chiapetta

  12. Muyanzi Reid says:

    More fighters should do the Shoulder Crank, Axe Kicks, and the Oblique

  13. kowalveli says:

    that talk at the beginning about Jones was just pointless… stupid shit
    about somebody’s instagram and twitter

  14. jeffrey marshall says:

    I met Jon Jones and he’s one of the coolest guys ever I swear…I made sure
    to be there last Saturday to cheer him on…had a great time

  15. datDANK says:

    grown men talking about a 26 year old like a bunch of girls 

  16. TheResaleGrind says:

    I Love Bones! Best fighter on the planet!

  17. Lucky Patrick says:

    I just wanted to say luke thomas assesment of jones personality is on

  18. R3LAPZE GAMING says:

    Who is Jon Jones? Who? Jon Jones!

  19. Jasonjjw west says:

    These losers are worse than a bunch of old ladies in a bingo hall! I’ve
    never seen so much bitching and whining in a 47 min segment. Knit picking
    every fucking little thing! They’re pathetic.

  20. Trent Moe says:

    Dana brought up the fact that she locked like a man because of he steroid

  21. Ryan O'Ceiglah says:

    Alright guys…. get off your pc high horses. Fact: what Dana said about
    Cyborg was hilarious.

  22. DJ Dremora says:

    I want Jones on a loss streak. Can we just witness a downfall in this Giant
    imbeciles career already. A real champ with pure skills and no legit
    physical advantages would be nice . Like Cain Velasquez! True champ. Plus
    he shuts his mouth always and gets the job done. Cain > Jon 

  23. Jesse Malloy says:

    he deleted the video, but he posted it saying “lol deleting”

  24. Michael Zand says:

    I called it on Luke’s show 2 weeks ago. Jones will continue being an
    asshole. But who the fucks cares about him really. We all just want him to
    go up to HW and see him fucked up. Him fighting in LHW is not interesting
    for me. 

  25. Arcee says:

    I am extremely worried because I completely agree with everything Luke said
    on this episode.

    I… I need to lie down for a while.

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