25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 42”

  1. Michael Zand says:

    Rory is the most overrated fighter in the welterweight division. Only
    because of the canadian market

  2. dblocknyc says:

    Ric looks totally diff! lol i have watched MMA hour in a while, dude
    cleaned up nice

  3. namt0rb says:

    Ric lookin’ sharp… Glad he’s finally on the show, although I can’t
    endorse an MMA hour that Luke isn’t a part of.

  4. Jorge Ramirez says:

    im glad new york ric is on the mma beat but man he looks totally douchey
    though lol 

  5. codethirteen says:

    Missing Luke here

  6. Lucky Patrick says:

    RICK is that you??? WTF is this?? NY rick turned into golf club rick for
    the MMA beat!! LMAO! How does the fake water taste?? Glad u there man!!
    Bring him back ariel!!

  7. S.M.A.R.T (Science, Music, Art, Reading, Tech & Toys) says:

    New York Rick did it!

  8. The Machine says:

    NY ric is cool lol 

  9. Jesus Rivera says:


  10. Patrick Vilone says:

    NEW YORK RIC!!!! YES!!!!!

  11. Andrew Manford says:

    mr.jackman killed it! new regular i hope!

  12. SNAKE DOC says:

    Solid debut, NY Ric! Ariel has to make this more than a “one-time thing”,
    that’s for sure.

  13. Michael Zand says:

    I wanna see Matt Brown face the winner of Rory vs Woodley 

  14. Michael Zand says:


  15. Michael Zand says:


  16. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    YESSSSSS finally!!! New York Rick !!!!!! 

  17. juan twotree says:

    Where’s Luke?

  18. peckerdecker says:

    thanks for the video
    i PREFER luke rather than the new person.
    luke explains things in more detail.

    keep sharing 

  19. SamUnholy says:

    NEW YORK RIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Stephen Wago says:

    Ariel, Luke, NY Rick and Chuck is the cast I want to hear.

  21. ZachAttaxk says:

    Not buying Bellator PPV, no I don’t want to see Tim Sylvia in the UFC…I
    want to see Matt Brown vs. Hector Lombard and winner gets title shot, and I
    want to see Anderson Silva vs. Jacare Souza…

  22. Kingkev826 says:

    NY Rick should be a regular his different views are a nice change of pace
    from the same journalists we usually hear from

  23. TheDriftingsmoke says:

    NY ric looking like a married man

  24. J. Mathews says:

    I hope the Bellator PPV sells well, there has to be another legitimate
    competition to the UFC. That way the fans and the fighters have options
    and more MMA events.

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