The MMA Beat – Episode 42

Keeping Bellator 120 on pay-per-view following Eddie Alvarez’s injury, what’s at stake for Muhammed Lawal, the Urijah Faber vs. Alex Caceres fight, whether more fighters should be like Conor…

25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 42”

  1. Michael Zand says:

    Rory is the most overrated fighter in the welterweight division. Only
    because of the canadian market

  2. dblocknyc says:

    Ric looks totally diff! lol i have watched MMA hour in a while, dude
    cleaned up nice

  3. namt0rb says:

    Ric lookin’ sharp… Glad he’s finally on the show, although I can’t
    endorse an MMA hour that Luke isn’t a part of.

  4. Jorge Ramirez says:

    im glad new york ric is on the mma beat but man he looks totally douchey
    though lol 

  5. codethirteen says:

    Missing Luke here

  6. Lucky Patrick says:

    RICK is that you??? WTF is this?? NY rick turned into golf club rick for
    the MMA beat!! LMAO! How does the fake water taste?? Glad u there man!!
    Bring him back ariel!!

  7. S.M.A.R.T (Science, Music, Art, Reading, Tech & Toys) says:

    New York Rick did it!

  8. The Machine says:

    NY ric is cool lol 

  9. Jesus Rivera says:


  10. Patrick Vilone says:

    NEW YORK RIC!!!! YES!!!!!

  11. Andrew Manford says:

    mr.jackman killed it! new regular i hope!

  12. SNAKE DOC says:

    Solid debut, NY Ric! Ariel has to make this more than a “one-time thing”,
    that’s for sure.

  13. Michael Zand says:

    I wanna see Matt Brown face the winner of Rory vs Woodley 

  14. Michael Zand says:


  15. Michael Zand says:


  16. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    YESSSSSS finally!!! New York Rick !!!!!! 

  17. juan twotree says:

    Where’s Luke?

  18. peckerdecker says:

    thanks for the video
    i PREFER luke rather than the new person.
    luke explains things in more detail.

    keep sharing 

  19. SamUnholy says:

    NEW YORK RIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Stephen Wago says:

    Ariel, Luke, NY Rick and Chuck is the cast I want to hear.

  21. ZachAttaxk says:

    Not buying Bellator PPV, no I don’t want to see Tim Sylvia in the UFC…I
    want to see Matt Brown vs. Hector Lombard and winner gets title shot, and I
    want to see Anderson Silva vs. Jacare Souza…

  22. Kingkev826 says:

    NY Rick should be a regular his different views are a nice change of pace
    from the same journalists we usually hear from

  23. TheDriftingsmoke says:

    NY ric looking like a married man

  24. J. Mathews says:

    I hope the Bellator PPV sells well, there has to be another legitimate
    competition to the UFC. That way the fans and the fighters have options
    and more MMA events.

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