25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 43”

  1. Julien Ricky says:

    Lewk is an atheist?!?!.. I thought he was an intelligent guy, what happened
    to him?I thought Ariel should get rid of him on this show or his show is
    doomed! how can he be so disrespectful towards ppl of faith??!! He deserves
    to be ostracised..! all the points he made was wrong:

    1) nick vs handerson? really? who wants to see a 40 year old man fight a
    young man? its stylistically a bad match up you idiot! Handerson has a
    H-bom and wresteling. he will wresteling nick and win points. Nick diaz is
    a true fighter he needs to fight someone like weidman!

    2) all the other points that he made were all wrong…..

  2. jdailey01230 says:

    Gus v Jones 2… ITS ON!!! 

  3. Robert BM says:

    Chiapetta is so biased to the UFC.

  4. Alan N says:

    Luke Thomas doesn’t believe in God. I wonder if God believes in Luke

  5. BAS SHOOTEN says:

    8:03 “can we get a dildo”…. lol

  6. johnnybuckbrush says:

    A TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rambo Coria says:

    diaz v. silva! fuck yea! diaz gonna fuck him up. or whatever…#takemymoney

  8. larsoveful says:

    jones signed the contract so fuck him

  9. robbielex says:

    Kudos to a strong voice of reason emanating from the crew at MMA Beat! I,
    too am an atheist just like you guys and Dana White!

  10. Tommy Vercetti says:

    Diaz vs Silva would be epic! UFC please take my money! Make it happen!

  11. BanEntitled Brats says:

    These guys are brilliant.

  12. Nuchraptor says:

    Jones v Gust 2 in Sweden could be the show of the year if Sweden’s MMA fans
    show up.

  13. plinio silva says:

    luke thomas is a bellator nut hugger

  14. theworldispein nagato says:

    Anderson Silva vs Diaz plus a great titlefight has the potential to go over
    a million. One of the few fights left. The ufc can easily make this.Nick
    said he wanted 500k guaranteed…seems like a good investment for me.

  15. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    At first I thought Jones was picking the fight he thought was easier but
    now I really believe he thinks Corimer is a harder fight.

    Or he only did it for publicity which is smart if he did.

  16. Kobi Black says:

    I enjoyed the show az usual guys, i agree with ariel’s outlook on this one
    dc is being used. I know nothing of fighter contracts but could you imagine
    the chris refusing the silva rematch or silva denying sonnen, this rematch
    was inevitable !

  17. jrosworld says:

    What happens to Luke’s face at 23:19?

  18. Alltilt says:

    Nick coming at him and silva countering would be huge I hope they make this


    haha totally agree with Luke Thomas on the Silva vs Diaz fight : TAKE MY

  20. allegory435 says:

    The fight is signed… the first 16 minutes of talk that means nothing

  21. theworldispein nagato says:

    Anyways JBJ does not ”need to turn” heel unfortunate…He is one by is
    own accord. ”For real”. Hence he only needs to embrace and project that
    part of his personality a little more and he becomes the biggest (might i
    say best selling) villain in PPV.

    Then again PPV is dying,sponsors are not attracted to heels at all and
    different television audiences might not be as intrigued either.

    But especially at this moment it is worth debating….yet Ariel is now
    tired of it? You let the genie out of the bottle my friend.

  22. 27neverlose says:

    Why would Luke Thomas talk about their is no god. I thought this was a mma
    talk show. Everything he ever says is for shock value. Get rid of this
    useless fool. What a loser 

  23. theworldispein nagato says:

    Love Ariel but what is up with his ”heel” remark. He started the whole
    debate himself. And now that it is finally an issue with people he wants
    people to stop talking about it?

  24. Ernesto Lopez says:

    Ya bro thanks for fucking up the show with those god comments gave sum
    respect for othere 

  25. BrokenBon3sx says:

    Chiappetta annoys the shit out of me as a speaker. He stutters every other
    fucking word. 

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