25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 44”

  1. tiki0036 says:

    didn’t watch, not because of the panel or any BS like that, but because
    they’re not talking about anything that I give a crap about. 

  2. comuel89 says:

    table of fuckin nerds

  3. runnerpart2 says:

    Where is Luke Thomas he’s gonna run Ariel close this year for Journalist of
    the year!!

    He gives Zero Fuck :)

  4. Renzogmg says:

    Ariel please… Stop campaining againts Barao!!!

  5. Petri Rendi says:

    So many people in comments want to munch Luke Thomas balls.

  6. Paul-Dominic Di Marco says:

    Used to like Raimondi, but after the statements regarding Jason High, I no
    longer do.

  7. InAntWeTrust says:

    We want LUKE!!!! 

  8. Boozal m says:

    Hahaha the gimp panel, putrid!

  9. MrFrankTheRabbit says:

    I can’t stand Jeff, guy chats so much shit

  10. Rambo Coria says:


  11. AlliedForces says:

    Little Guy next to ariel annoys the shit outta me. Lil prick. Lmfao 

  12. kingjames1101 says:

    this is the equivalent of giving bench players a run out where are the real

  13. Jorge Ramirez says:

    the best part is when he spills the water at 39:22 haha

  14. codethirteen says:

    Not the same without Luke Thomas 

  15. Ben Salinas says:

    meh, obvious b-team…ariel had to talk more than usual just to get the
    conversation going…

  16. Brian Martinez says:

    Aerial no!!! No!!!! Stop!!!! No!!! That’s how I felt they were talking to
    him in the barroa dillishaw convo

  17. Renzogmg says:

    No idea who is that guy… Better put NewYorkRic

  18. glenzo2 says:

    Throw that guy a damn towel.

  19. Motherfuqer Dell says:

    No Luke Thomas = instant dislike. Not even gonna bother to watch now.

  20. thebanaap says:

    Luke Thomas
    Gareth A. Davies
    Chuck Mindenhall

  21. cooljayhu says:

    I wholeheartedly disagree that Barao was “dominant” at least in the same
    way that GSP, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, etc were “dominant”. He had a
    fantastic win streak yes, but he’d only defended the belt 3 times (once if
    we eliminate interim defenses). Giving him a rematch is nonsensical and
    completely indefensible except from a purely “it’ll make money” standpoint.

  22. radioclash84 says:

    destroying his legacy? i would watch a highlights video of Wanderlei than
    watch Sonnen lay on top of another dude for 3 or 5 rounds. in ten years
    time all people will remember is the fights and highlights, best of luck
    with making a Chael sonnen video, how many knock outs or submission win
    does he have? i always hear Chael hit Anderson Silva with 400 shots, if he
    hit him with that many shots he should have knocked him out.

  23. SplashOfLuv says:

    Bobby Hill is NOT funny. Don’t try and be funny, twerp! Just talk briefly
    and let someone else have a say.

  24. Alexander Gallo says:

    I think we have to give Wanderlei the benefit of the doubt that he was not
    on PEDs because he did not test for a PED. He had anti-inflammatory and
    water retention blocking agents but those are not PEDs. I think we should
    take his word for it. He was still wrong for running. that is my opinion

  25. Bill Ballsack says:

    Who the fuck is this no chin Jim guy.

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