25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 45”


    This panel should be permanent. Luke Thomas as MVP and New york ric as a
    close second.

  2. Steve Chavez says:

    only hardcore fans and people with midget fetishes care about flyweights

  3. videogamegenius says:

    42:25 Red Shirt Guy Takes A Drink.

  4. Jayce Broda says:

    New York Ric!

  5. onv says:


  6. trever pitts says:

    and yeah Nick diaz vs anderson silva would be a hell of a fight

  7. comuel89 says:

    Jeff Wagenheim thinks he’s slick.

  8. Matt Sills says:

    28:22 lol

  9. Spencer Steele says:

    Good because the player on mmafighting.com for this episode is only playing
    audio for me!!!

  10. Michael Zand says:

    2 much negativity in this episode. You need to balance it out

  11. thetruthis9 says:

    the guy with the teen wolf beard talks out of both sides of his
    ass…dumbass makes no sense…

  12. martone104 says:

    “Ohhhh Luke Thomas” *ziiiip!* “Thank God you’re back!” *Num num num


    I actually really like Luke Thomas

  13. videogamegenius says:

    37:02 Luke looks way and looks back hahahaha dont know why but i think its
    funny with that expression on his face.

  14. trever pitts says:

    good show guys .i just think there so much fights now a days you can not
    get pumped up for them like you use to and ufc alot seem like there not
    marketing any more look when brock would fight or randy couture. back in
    2009 you go may be one fight a month or even one fight card every other
    month and you be pumped for it now when the cards are waters down. who
    cares most people i know who watched mma in the last 2 year. and walked a
    way because the fights tend to suck. i would rather have have 10 fight
    cards a year that are high quality then 40 cards and 10% of then cards are

  15. Rafael Gallegos says:

    I wish you guys would talk more about fights/fighters etc instead of almost
    an entire episode of ratings… I get it, theyre important but 99% of the
    fans dont really give a shit about them.

  16. Donald Diaz says:

    conor mcgregor needs to put on ppv he will sell.

  17. Motherfuqer Dell says:

    Where’s Luke Thomas? 

  18. juan twotree says:

    Hair looks good rick, styled anyways. Not so much during MMA Hour.
    I like Rick’s input, Just a tip.Keep both hands on the table at all times.
    Dont cross your arms or anything that seems like you are trying to close
    yourself off. Do what you can to exude confidence. Doesnt change what you
    say but it may change the way the message is received. You already are
    young, so dont look like a little kid at the end of the table twirling his
    thumps under the table waiting for your turn to speak. Commanding the
    spaces available to you and looking confident goes further than not. Hope
    this is well received. Hope to see Rick on more episodes.

  19. Bill Ballsack says:

    Nick Ari Luke Interchangeable. This is what the cast should always be.

  20. EyeSnortZeldaFairies says:

    Love how you guys brought New York Ric on the show. I always thought he was
    really educated in Mixed Martial Arts. Great addition to the MMA Beat,
    great job guys.

  21. asv5029 says:

    Whats with the Linkin Park hate? Come on! 

  22. Mos Baked says:

    Luke Thomas and NewyorkRic, hurray

  23. Kelly Barber says:

    Think this is the best panel yet. I’d probably take Chiapetta over
    Waggenheim though, I find he rarely ever makes a worthwhile contribution to
    the discussion…

  24. chriser555 says:

    My top 3 are (not in order) Chiappetta , Luke Thomas and Wagenheim.

  25. harr77 says:

    I really hope Ariel was just trying to push the conversation along because
    his comments about the WSOF event were way off and the rest of the panel
    were right.

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