10 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 47”

  1. C West says:

    I see DC vs Jones being a lot like Anderson vs Chael except DC won’t get
    caught by a hail Mary triangle.

  2. TheBackwoodsbastard says:

    1st thing , cormier is a beast who hasn’t bean beat and is only getting
    better , jones is in trouble . diaz is there to sell ppv not for fighting
    talent . trt doesn’t matter , if an individual holds a special talent no
    amount of drugs could make someone who is a worse fighter better .

  3. knicks9899 says:

    “Just LOL”

  4. andy simon says:

    Oh yeah, first mother F’ers

  5. jdailey01230 says:

    Is Luke the only one drinking at this tea party?

  6. Paul de Gelder says:

    ‘Spinning shit’ hahaha gold!

  7. andrew abraham says:

    This might be my favorite one

  8. Octavio Rodriguez-Ortiz says:

    Thanks for the positivity Ariel! This episode felt like, ‘a return to the
    customer,’ as well – all of that TRT talk was redundant. The Man in the
    Shirt did call it- I forget which specific episode, but I remember him
    calling it, like I did. EPICLY Competitive fight- both men are boxing
    elite, in the MMA format. Silva has more accomplishments in boxing, but
    Nick Diaz is no slouch. Both, are experts in the arts of blending, or
    mixing, martial arts in a way that is competitive in the UFC Octagon, and
    both are capable of using their skills to devastatingly punish their
    opponents into submission…and, of course, what has transpired within the
    passed year or so- #CONDITvsDIAZ #fuckthatepicfuckup #robbery
    #fuckNOFUEGOL-ConditTAPPEDwithbodylanguage #alsofuckLAWLERvsDIAZ
    #doesntdeserveit #DIAZstaysatMIDDLEWEIGHT #yeahisaidit
    #maybethelastoneiswrong #butfuckit #allingoodfun

  9. RyBread564 says:

    the man with the nose, the man with the beard, the man with the shirt, the
    man with the hat. this is the MMABEAT!

  10. Duke D says:

    DC fights Cain daily,for Jones to win it will take his best performance

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