25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 48”

  1. Omar Correa says:

    Luke is a fast talker

  2. Eddie King says:

    Cheal Sonnen is a piece of shit! He should never be allowed to compete
    against anyone, fucking cheater.

  3. themondoshow says:

    I love the man with the hat

  4. Ironik Mo says:

    Luke seriously needs a new suit, lol. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two
    years now. Feels like I saw that first episode a few months ago. Keep
    going, guys 

  5. walterreally says:

    Idea for the 50th MMA Beat. You’ll have to get a bigger table for this.

    Ariel, Luke, Chiapetta, Mindenhall, Robin Black, Kenny Florian and maybe (a
    long shot) Joe Rogan.

  6. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

    Anyone that watches Bellator is clearly a homosexual.

  7. YaSherif says:

    This ep is good I like it…I wonder if bringing guests to this panel would
    make it more interesting? Like fighters.

  8. Pwnvidz says:

    Luke is a demi god among mortals lol

  9. Logan Mial says:

    on April 1st there should be an event where journalists fight and fighters
    cover the event

  10. Sir_Lagzalot says:

    4 drones, in no way was that staged? c’mon now. This isn’t intelligent MMA
    talk, these are just 4 UFC cheerleaders. 

  11. Idan Kesel says:

    Ok, these guys are talking about too much political bullshit.

  12. ARTUR BASHIROV says:

    dc will wrestlle shet out jones 

  13. Arcee says:

    Let Chuck talk! 

  14. dennisisawesome says:

    Luke is the GOAT of mma journalism! 

  15. supasik1 says:

    its live now??? when does it happen

  16. Rambo Coria says:

    luke thomas can be a douche at times, but w out him, the mma beat is not
    the same. gotta love that douchy big beard donk!

  17. JFleuvier says:

    Oh yeah, a couple sixth graders almost fighting in the school yard makes
    it more interesting when they finally do get around to duking it out.
    That’s not debatable. As long as they don’t hurt themselves in the
    pre-fight squabble.

    And, yeah, totally unexpected to have a couple of Finns letting their
    tempers get the best of them. I mean, who’d expect that? Unprecedented.

  18. Ben Salinas says:

    luke stepping over people to talk

  19. Fernando Rocha says:

    No NY Rick???

  20. 11vinci says:

    Fuck Jon Fake Jones.

  21. threap123 says:

    Nothing would had happened if Dana was there

  22. Tim Caplan says:

    not two words about mcgregor-poirier wow

  23. rampagesgrill84 says:

    how is this objectively good for mma? were the seg days good as well?
    that’s 13 years ago and they still have to battle perceptions. there will
    be yet another documentary trashing mma, a bunch of mainstream slanderous
    articles and more politicians on the fence trying to slow sanctioning down
    once again, worldwide. the only good thing in this is ufc 178 getting 200 k
    more buys. there’s your massive impact on the sport because of this, lol 

  24. Joshd34 says:

    Don’t like any of these fucks except Helwani

  25. John Galt says:

    Can someone tell me why Ariel never mention’s that his last name is
    Egyptian & that his mother is Lebanese. For some curious reason he often
    brings up that he is jewish. Very strange because the entire world is
    fuming over all the war crimes being perpetrated by israel against the
    Palestinians in Gaza. So obviously telling people that he is jewish is a
    very bad idea. Just wondering.

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