25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 49”

  1. andy simon says:

    First !

  2. prickett dawg says:

    I wanna butt fuck Ariel Helwani and Luke Thomas in their faces.

  3. datDANK says:

    jones/gus was boring fight 

  4. 11vinci says:

    Where’s the heavyweight womans division??

  5. FattyMMA says:

    rumble vs gus would be a hell of a fight

  6. Ludwig123179 says:

    Strikeforce under Scott Cooker was better than ufc, imo!
    they got overeem, fedor, barnett, jacare, rockhold, diaz etc.. really good
    women also!!
    I hope Scott makes it big in bellator, because ufc is not my cup of tea
    right now..

  7. Jordan Hockley says:

    Ariel is such a douche 

  8. canufeelthe says:


  9. MrROKinROK says:

    Hey man in the hat. I don’t think the problem with the Mighty Mouse/Cariaso
    main event is that people don’t who Cariaso is. The problem is that people
    DO know who he is. No offense, CC…

  10. nemanja milosevic says:

    *WTF* *is* *wrong* *with* *you* *guys!?* hoping that Gus avoids fights or
    to take easy ones?! even though he lost the title fight and alreaty took
    just one easy fight to get back there? Not liking the Gus vs Rumble because
    IT WILL TAKE ONE OUT?! isnt that the point, to find the ONE best fighter?
    you’re turning into WWE commentators or UFC employees. Its not about how
    much money UFC can earn through pointless fights – at least not to us, the
    viewers and it shouldnt be for journalists either. Horrible job.

  11. Sköll Hati says:

    Don’t think we have forgotten about Gustafsson! 

  12. Btmfgreat says:

    Props Jeff. I could tell war machine was wack the first time I saw him.

  13. samer younis says:

    luke changed his grey blazer?! NOOOO!!

  14. Robbie Wood says:

    War Machine is a peace of shit! What he did to Mack is disgusting!!

  15. HydroBud98 says:

    If Lineker vs. McCall is the #1 Contender fight, then the winner of
    Makovsky vs. Formiga should fight Dustin Ortiz for the #1 after Lineker or
    McCall. Also, Benavidez should fight the winner of Moraga vs. Scoggins
    which takes place September 5th. Its not complicated, if this scenario
    happened, it would give the next 3 Flyweight title fights legit
    credibility. If Formiga beats Makovsky and gets the Title shot, who is
    going to want to watch that? Dodson, Bagautinov and Gaudinot will all be
    back in a little under a year from now. Once that happens, the landscape of
    the Flyweight division will look even better than it can and should be
    right now. Lastly, I think Pickett vs. Ozkilic makes sense right now and
    that fight would probably be the Fight of he Night.

  16. Ryan O'Ceiglah says:

    Bottom line, Gus had his chance. He lost. He will get another chance, but
    he is going to have to wait.

  17. walterreally says:

    I’ll say it again.

    For the next and 50th MMA Beat, please get Ariel, Luke, Chiapetta,
    Mindenhall, Robin Black and Kenny Florian. 

  18. Octavio Rodriguez-Ortiz says:

    Topic-DC/Jones:There will DEFINITELY be less PPV buys because of the delay.
    People may remember the moments that built up the anticipation, but we
    won’t feel it as much in January. Still a great fight, still anxious to
    watch what happens, but a shit load of momentum will be lost by January.
    Argue what you will, LT, but not all of us do MMA 24/7, nor get paid for
    it, we have shit to handle, and we keep moving on, and by the time the
    fight happens the momentum will be lost. Still gonna be anxious to watch
    what happens, just not so much. I think Jones flaked because he’s scared.
    He’s cancelled another title match before- maybe he thinks he is not ready
    and needs more time to train.

    Let’s say: A champ is competing against a challenger. ‘X’ weeks/days
    before the event the challenger gets injured during training camp and
    cannot fight on the date he/she signed up to fight on- I, could argue that
    the challenger has forfeited their challenge to the belt. And, if the
    Champion was the competitor to get injured they forfeit their belt. WHAT?!
    I know. My point is, as the fighter competes in an educated and
    intelligent manner, the competitor should train intelligently, as well.
    If, they train too hard, they get injured. Hence, ‘…train
    intelligently…’. Let’s say, the Champion looses his belt. They usually
    get an instant rematch. So, technically, after forfeiting the belt, heals,
    trains, and his comeback would be the rematch. I, think it would make
    things more intense. Now, the two competitors compete in one EPIC match!
    I, know- the competitors give their lives in their matches and compete
    hard to get that strap, but the way matches are being produced, the
    competitor doesn’t really have to go through the ranks, skipping few or
    many. Aaanywho…

    The Olympics won’t wait if you injure yourself training for them, will
    they? But, I agree it [UFC] is a different type of competition. Valid, I
    get that. Still, I, think it would change the sport for the best. Not
    concrete on these thoughts, but this is what came to mind while watching
    this stream.
    What do you think?

  19. Bret Meier says:

    why havent dc and gustafsson fought yet?

  20. anim8bit says:

    Lol I’m from toronto and was extremely angry when ufc moved jones-Gus 2 to
    MGM, then they announced jones-DC and I was even more angry but when they
    announced that DJ was fighting cariaso cause jones had to drop out, I was
    sort of happy looooool nothing against DJ, love his fights and thinks he’s
    one of the top fighters in the ufc but that fight isn’t entertaining, DJ is
    going to smash cariaso… But quite excited to see Conor mcgregor on that
    card, for me personally.. The mcgregor – Poirier fight is now the main

  21. Ichinegro Negrosaki says:

    lol i knew jones was scared of cormier he injured himself on purpose! haha
    some champ.

  22. Sleepy Afro Films says:

    War Machine didn’t make the cut as a discussion topic.

  23. ZachAttaxk says:

    BUT we will most likely get Ronda vs. Cat Z. as the co-main event on the
    new Jones card. 

  24. FightStrategistMMA says:

    Rumble vs. Gus for # 1 contender..point blank.

  25. Soup Nazi says:

    ‘How bad is this for the UFC?’ – I don’t care about their money, the
    question must be ‘How bad is this for the fans?’. You always discuss the
    UFC ‘issues’. I don’t care about the company, I care about fights and
    fighters. Get real, right now you are just a making UFC promotions.

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