20 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 50”

  1. Motherfuqer Dell says:

    No Luke Thomas = INSTANT DISLIKE. 

  2. Timbomelb27 says:

    Ariel “The Mermaid” Helwani

  3. skyhunter says:

    I am proud of my white, western European heritage!!!

    aka racist! 

  4. Khalid Khurasani says:

    Rick sounds straight crazy saying bisping wont affected by a loss to le

  5. AlliedForces says:

    Don’t like that Eric guy, annoying lil prick. Need to get Luke back next
    week. Anyone but him aha. 

  6. supasik1 says:

    Hector “the destroyer” lombard

    lol @chuck the centaur and the 3 ponies!

  7. YaSherif says:

    hey hey Ariel LEAVE CupCake alone buddy, u can’t handle that. 

  8. spike zero says:

    its not the same without luke …

  9. Von Malcolm says:

    The Four Hoarse-men = The MMA Beat Panel Nickname

  10. frillcappa says:

    ariel “the nose” helwani

  11. AQGOAT24 says:

    Kobe made up his own nickname and it stuck. 

  12. Socrates says:

    he admitted to taking something at his first hearing.
    LMFAO the fucking idiot
    Now they can say ok you didn’t have to take the test but thanks for
    admitting it, here is you suspension 

  13. henrooo says:

    9:00 The element of surprise is how you catch drug cheats. When you test
    fighter’s when they least expect it, you will catch cheats. Overeem,
    Belfort and Sonnen’s recent failed drug tests are a testament to that. 

  14. jaganmaster says:

    Where you at Luke?

  15. OutTheDoor23 says:

    fuck bjorn rebshit

  16. joe richer says:

    flanel overload

  17. Donald Diaz says:

    discuss floyd mayweathers reading skills please

  18. supasik1 says:

    i like jwagzzz

  19. YaSherif says:

    I love having a big competitor VS the UFC, helps the market move forward. 

  20. YaSherif says:

    So we lost a good fight between Cheal and Silva over nothing??? and one
    more thing NY Rick needs to take the stick out of his ass, sorry. Who

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