25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 51”

  1. beerandviolence says:

    Where’s all the Luke Thomas dick-riders in the comments??

  2. thaghost1988 says:

    Most Horrid Beat ive ever heard all they do is talk mad shit throwing
    everyone they can think of under the bus that old fuck was by far the worst
    id kick his fat face in. MMA Media is the worst of all sports

  3. kingjames1101 says:

    no luke thomas no party

  4. Ironik Mo says:

    My boy Luke has been missing two times now. Get him back or I’ll gas you,

  5. BatemanBeyond says:

    I heard Luke quite MMA Journalism when Bellator pulled that pro wrestling
    skit. MMAFighting are just keeping the news under wraps so nobody
    unsubscribes from their youtube channel.

  6. 11bravo1789 says:

    You could have at least given a quick shout out for the 3000 people
    annihilated at the WTC todays date. Glad your back though. Good show. 

  7. Dave Edmond says:

    they need to let mark ramundi sit closer to camera so he doesnt look like a
    photoshopped child

  8. Zulwali says:

    Ariel you dick…Spoilers…..

  9. K131399 says:

    why wouldnt dana just play along with the askren stuff? in the big picture
    dana’ ufc % gives him around 300 million, ben is an mma fighter who is
    trying to put his name out there. and when dana refuses to name ONE FC by
    name instead insisting on ‘that asian promotion’ he looks weak. 

  10. Huey W says:

    A weekly show is needed, you guys are making too much coin. This is the
    best thing you put out, should be more consistent. 

  11. Paul-Dominic Di Marco says:

    Im not trying to hate at all, but does anyone have the stats on Marc
    Raimondi? You guys have got to do something with the position of the camera
    or at least play with the angles, he looks just way tiny compared to all
    you guys. That, or have him sit next to Luke. Lol.

  12. walterreally says:

    It’s plain and simple. Thiago Silva has one helluva camera which apparently
    took photos of Dana and Joe Silva fucking Lorenzo Fertitta’s wife. That’s
    why he’s back. 

  13. supasik1 says:

    when did they talk about jacare?

  14. Romano Bundy says:

    The bracket doesn’t remind of march madness. It reminds of how the UFC is
    trying more and more to have their own fights, not based on who is the best
    but based on what they want. In NBA, playoffs brackets are based on who was
    the best and who wasn’t during the regular season. Here, you just have
    match makers putting names and trying to have what they want. Fortunately,
    upsets happens and the UFC is already down one of their attempt.

  15. themondoshow says:

    Chuck is the best fucker up there 

  16. D1E5ECT says:

    glad thiago is back on track 

  17. Tony Bowen says:

    One of my fav episodes.

  18. Zen Master says:

    I honestly couldn’t give a fuck about a fighter’s back story. Everyone has
    their hard luck stories it gets redundant after a while. Just stfu, dry
    your eyes, put your hands up your chin down and go hard already.

  19. HBKCommish says:

    I’m a big pro wrestling fan, and I thought what Bellator did was complete
    garbage. My issue isn’t even with the fact that they did it in the first
    place. I completely agree that embracing a little bit of pro wrestling in
    MMA is not a bad thing to make yourself unique from the competition. My
    issue, is that is was pulled off horribly!!! I have a 4 year old cousin who
    is a huge John Cena and Dolph Ziggler fan, and I would easily trust him to
    come up with a better angle than that crap.

  20. EyeSnortZeldaFairies says:

    love the show guys,but i’d like to see New York Rick back on the MMA

  21. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    i just love watching overeem get knocked out. he looks like he’s on queer

  22. sandysanchez4 says:

    i don’t enjoy marc raimondi.

  23. nitbot says:

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty guys? Don’t you got any

  24. Money May says:

    money may all day

  25. ytube7762 says:

    The Wedding

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