25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 54”

  1. YaSherif says:

    HOLD UP, what happened to the video quality?

  2. YoungKnoccOut says:

    The old guy is a certified homo lol 

  3. chief2177 says:

    ima be that guy sorry. 47:40 the booty is nice. 

  4. Alessio Orazi says:

    Rory never will the next GSP

  5. Michael Zand says:

    Such a ugly move from UFC to post the free video of Cung Lee’s recent loss
    against Michael Bisping.
    Like we are stupid and don’t see that UFC does this to piss Cung Lee’s team

  6. YoungKnoccOut says:


  7. kingneddy says:

    Conor McGregor is the only interesting fighter is MMA in the world. Nobody
    else matters.

  8. chriser555 says:

    Rory McDonald is one of the most boring fighters in the UFC..

  9. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    Rory doesn’t have a chance against Lawler or Hendricks. Ariel and the guy
    with the gay hat are nuts. Lawler’s only got better since their fight, and
    Hendricks is better in every way than Rory.

  10. Ray dogg says:

    I was a fan of Luke Thomas, and the MMA beat. but it seams he’s a bit
    hypocritical on the Cung Le thing. He was giving him shit when they found
    out he’s on HGH, now he’s saying he has a right to be innocent until proven
    guilty. But not before they condemned him first. Dude thats pretty

  11. Boris Tyson says:

    Rory will be a reining champion!! Canada owns the welterweight division

  12. marcelo22793 says:

    Rory is a fag

  13. permos12345 says:

    Goddammit you guys, I was about to go to bed then I noticed a new episode.

  14. thaghost1988 says:

    I told you idiots that fat old pricks a faggot did you listen? NOoOoOoOoOoO

  15. rahowhero says:

    Who cares where the fight is, so long as the judges are neutral, and the
    fight sells out

  16. Sean M says:

    Jeff wants a sexy guy to rep instead of Mc Donald.. Thats a great look lol

  17. YaSherif says:

    I haven’t started watching yet but I know they will nag about something 😉
    That is why I love it. 

  18. YoungKnoccOut says:

    the people below me are faggots thus they dont count thus im first.

  19. Zen Master says:

    Rory would beat GSP if they fought IMO. Also Cung Le is full of shit. It
    didn’t seem to be a problem for Bisping who was tested in the exact same
    fashion and pissed clean. 

  20. Daffy Dell says:


  21. brzica10 says:

    There’s 3 people’s opinions on this panel the actually matter, then there’s
    the 4th guy….. who’s talking about fighters ‘not being sexy enough’.

  22. E Navarro says:

    It’s plausible that Jeff Wagenheim used the adjective “sexy” merely in the
    informal sense, i.e., as “exciting” or “intriguing”. For the context was
    such that reinvigorating the Canadian mma market would be less infeasible
    if Rory MacDonald were to fight in his home country, since he is not the
    most marketable fighter, since he has a reputation for not being an
    exciting or intriguing fighter.

    Yet, it’s easily possible that Wagenheim tacitly laced “sexy” with its
    standard meaning, since he described MacDonald as “not the sexiest guy”
    rather than “not the sexiest fighter”.

  23. stllwtchngvds says:

    Great point about Raphael vs Faber from Mindenhall 

  24. Иван Гатс says:

    This “sexy champ” is hillarious lol

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