25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 56”


    Mcgregor is Ariels wettest dream.. no disrespect intended.

  2. Rush Fanbaugh says:

    Way too much time spent on yet another drug testing discussion.

  3. Ma Cid says:

    this show along with lukes podcast make my fucking week!

  4. Mr33pantera says:


  5. kingjames1101 says:

    train by day luke thomas by night, all day

  6. Mohd Chowdhury says:

    The video quality fucking sucks!

  7. 11bravo1789 says:

    Waggenheim is a stuttering old fool who brings nothing. Please get rid of
    him Ariel. Bring in NY Rick 

  8. Rafa 7GT says:

    Ive kinda stopped watching MMA media/interviews etc, EVERYTHING is about
    drug/drug testing/fighters getting caught. So fucking annoying. Im not
    blaming MMAFighting or anything i mean its their job to cover it, im just
    saying it’s so annoying to hear ALL the time.

  9. Chillin says:

    Bring back Jack

  10. TheHooliganification says:

    Mark Hunt should just let Ferdum beat him up for 4 rounds, to get him tired
    then Mark saves all his energy for a 5th round knockout

  11. Trevor Hollibaugh says:

    So, the Government needs more tax payer dollars. More federal oversight?!
    Yeah, never heard that before. I almost puke every time I here that shit.

  12. *K131399* says:

    conor said he’s going into the cage after the fight and create some chaos
    lol. lets see what happens 

  13. BiggidyBarnum says:

    I’ll probably still buy the card.
    Nick Diaz > A. Silva
    Thanks Gentlemen for the new epi!

  14. jack black says:

    what happened to jack? Jack only been on 1 show I already miss him. Jeff is
    a stuttering boring old fart 

  15. Renzogmg says:

    Yamasaki heart 

  16. Martin Clifford says:

    Not worth watching without New York Rick. Okay, it is, but replace the SI
    guy with Jackman each week thanks.

  17. TheVJProduction says:

    i hate company man, they give the most neurtral and blatant answers to ever
    question. it is what it is, ill fight anyone who the ufc puts infront of
    me, i felt this camp went great, blah blah blah.

  18. Pete Turn says:

    They have found a new way to beat the systerm well done

  19. *K131399* says:

    HW’s have to train differently its that simple. obviously they gotta drill
    but you cant have guys that big training like 155ers. whats the solution?
    how would someone like cain tone down the high impact stuff when his whole
    style is based on his retarded pace? the kind of cardio that makes him
    special is his ability to grapple for hours. 

  20. *K131399* says:

    the tuf coaches challenge aired this week and they had cain and verdum
    taking penalty kicks and playing goal. obviously it was shot awhile ago but
    i was thinking as i watched it how ridiculous it was to have HW’s doing
    anything that could injure them. how difficult would have been to have a
    billiards competition? 

  21. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    diego injured as well

  22. john rios says:

    Good job guys… As always thank you. For the show man. 

  23. lotta zay says:

    yo ariel yall should get conor on mma beat just one time it would be quite

  24. The reformed troll formerly known as Zen Master says:

    Just because the UFC rescinded Le’s suspension doesn’t mean he’s not
    guilty. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and by that analogy smoke is fkn
    billowing from Cung Le, he got lucky. 

  25. stllwtchngvds says:

    I think its the challenger’s job to sell the fight too. Because the
    champion is supposed to be the best and its the challenger’s job, to
    convince us that they can or will beat the champ

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