24 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 57”

  1. TheVJProduction says:

    if dj and ronda were to fight in the same night who gets the co main event
    and who gets the main event?

  2. Zahrlavi says:

    Jon Jones is the GOAT.

  3. Chris Thompson says:

    I would be interested to see Rousey’s contract. I wonder if her ppv juice
    changes in relation to whether or not shes the main event. 

  4. convekz says:

    Lol @ Luke’s face when the video is stuck at 1 minute.

  5. Lucky Patrick says:

    i love this panel… so good that we had a bunch of weeks with full cast

  6. YoungKnoccOut says:


  7. Frank Enstien says:

    goddamn it, jeffs back :(

  8. skyhunter says:

    anderson silva is garbage he only beat BUMS

  9. Chance Jolivette says:

    i love these shows, get to just nerd out on MMA for an hr 


    As a constructive criticism, i feel like you guys spend too much time
    talking about the “analytic” part of the sport, rather than to really
    highlight the lastest events (UFC179 por example) and walk us through what
    is coming up/is at stage for the rest of the events.. You guys barely
    talked about how big Aldo x Mendes 2 was, instead you guys went deep into
    Conor Mcgregor (like we dont hear from him in every single one of your
    shows) and how Aldo needs Mcgregor?

    Maybe its because of oversaturation and too many events, but this panel is
    really lacking the excitement true acknowledged people of the sport should
    have. I dont feel motivated to watch MMA based on the MMA beat anymore. 

  11. donttrustwhatisay says:

    MMA Beat should have their own rankings(?). 

  12. Иван Гатс says:

    Ariel, you look so skinny in that shirt

  13. mrYsignal says:

    Jeff Wagenheim said that nobody else is available for McGregor…well what
    about NIK LENTZ. The guy who has no opponent and is ranked 2 spots higher
    than Siver, and he called McGregor out and said he wants to fight him. I
    know the UFC gave him Siver because it’s an easier matchup than Lentz.

  14. Justin OBrien says:

    Chris leben Josh Koscheck TUF coaches.. that would be great

  15. LordHasselberg says:

    Luke Thomas you’re wrong, I’m correcting you.

  16. nemtizz says:

    Picture kept freezing. Re-upload?

  17. Daniel Mendoza says:

    where is new york ric?

  18. Kezz M says:

    No one gives a shit about TUF in the UK…

  19. AlliedForces says:

    Am I the only one who’s video keeps freezing? Wtf 

  20. JonJonesP4PKing says:

    Lol Luke falling asleep when fagenheim going on his rants.

  21. K.O. Clancy says:

    I love the show, but lately more and more, Ariels ideas just seem
    ridiculous and almost pointless. Who am I to tell him how to do his job.
    I’d like to see more MMA reporting and less wanna-be anchorman fake news bs

  22. MrScottishcuntface1 says:

    Where’s mcgregor?

  23. Ludwig Marcello Martinez says:

    No mater how much these guys love kissing Ronda Rousey’s butt, at the end
    of the day, we are talking about women beating women up… C’mob
    gentleman… lets stop acting like it the hype doesn’t carry a “freak show”
    component to it. Ultimately, who cares about Rousey. 

  24. Gama Isora says:

    We should just skip the bullshit and talk about McGregor for now on.

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