25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 58”

  1. jason wallace says:

    Luke Thomas, aka Mr Negative 

  2. *K131399* says:

    anthony johnson’ bullshit case got dismissed and he’s cleared to fight!
    WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! 205ers look the fuck out

  3. decimated550 says:

    begins talkin about Invicta at 27:17

  4. Judd Karlman says:

    You guys finally talk about Invicta after last week saying that nothing was
    going on just before a card dropped on Fight Pass and you talk about what
    is wrong with it and say not word one about how great and exciting the
    cards have been?

    I’m disappointed.

  5. ufcismma says:

    Fucking reporters, always gotta find something to complain about, instead
    of just praising what Dana is doing by releasing a schedule. 

  6. Dave Edmond says:

    problem with the 125ers is they move too fast that if you are not a
    knowledgeable fan its hard to understand whats going on. and spot it from
    crowd. but a 250lbs monster cracks a guy everyone knows that.

  7. Rush Fanbaugh says:

    Several problems with scheduling 2015 now: 1) You don’t know who will win
    and lose all the fights. Who wins and who loses determines the next
    match-ups for each fighter, and often the “next-next” match-ups. And often,
    contemplation is needed after each card on the part of Joe Silva etc. to
    determine the best match-ups sometimes only a few months down the line.
    Disaster waiting to happen. 2) It’s more rigid than the previous system,
    and since fighters get injured a lot, it helps to have as much slack as
    possible so that adjustments can be made on the spot, and, 3) There will be
    so many changes made to what’s on paper that if the 2016 schedule is made
    at the end of 2015, nobody will take it seriously, undermining the
    credibility of the UFC.

  8. Paul de Gelder says:

    Wow. I’m willing to bet good money that Luke Thomas enjoys eating his own
    ass hole. 

  9. brzica10 says:

    Jeff Wagenheim adds nothing to the show, he just sits there and agrees with

  10. Ronin Quintero says:

    I do like the way Luke “plays ball” with Ariel But that should be a
    different show in itself. i like the little guy better for this spot.

  11. mastertoyster says:

    42:05 lol com in from the guy who has no personality at all LOL

  12. Kenny Powers says:

    If the injury bug reaches the Silva vs Diaz card then i will gladly hang
    myself! thank you

  13. The Machine says:

    Drug testing talk is so fucking old and such an annoying topic. Nobody
    cares about it besides you nerds.

  14. Telvin Kipapa says:

    Yah UFC should buy Invicta already 

  15. TheVJProduction says:

    ian mchall comes off as a prick, all the top fly weights are way to
    energetic and smiling its almost childish, its embarassing to watch. and dj
    is way too generic with his interview.

  16. flahr1 says:

    Special announcement is LESNAR returning

  17. SRNF says:

    Luke seems so serious all the time…I wonder how hes like with his
    friends….or if he has any lol

  18. anim8bit says:

    DJ isn’t anywhere close to being the #1 p4p fighter in the world, he fought
    in 135 and got demolished by Cruz. DJ will never be recognized as the p4p

  19. J Duenas says:

    $55.? Shits $69 where i’m at

  20. PurpleWeasel1323 says:

    the man in the shirt, the man in the hat, why isn’t luke the man in the

  21. Dean Pizarro says:

    I am glad this show exists. It does a great deal for not only UFC but MMA
    as a whole. Keep going guys!!!

  22. Giant Silva says:

    jeff the crusty old cunt has absolutely nothing to contribute,

  23. philipee32 says:

    Boooo fuck these midgets

  24. illseed254 says:

    Luke is on FIRE!

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