24 comments on “The MMA Beat: Episode 59”

  1. xArcher24x says:

    Check out TheFightNetwork because they deserve more subs!

  2. Edin Pandzic says:

    what idiot thinks that lesnar is more important for mma than the greatest
    p4p GOAT fighter…….

  3. Kevin Mitchell says:

    Isn’t leaving FOX sports as a journalist to join MMAfighting.com like
    taking a career swan dive… off the C.N tower?… If it was on top of

  4. beerandviolence says:

    wagenheim’s a perv

  5. A Nice Guy says:

    Mike seems to *consistently* wear too tight button-down dress shirts. Not a
    flattering look for him, and it makes him look even smaller in comparison
    to other people.

  6. googleboughtmee says:

    Luke seems to be dishevelled. The new guy is really tiny. That’s all I

  7. Mr33pantera says:

    Why no discussion of what Chael Sonnen and Frontrowbrian had to say about
    Ariel on Chaels podcast?

  8. Telvin Kipapa says:

    Nothing on Bellator signing Aaron Pico?

  9. delreydavid says:

    So they hired the guy who cant wear a shirt that fits. Maybe he can afford
    a better wardrobe.

  10. jwrath90 says:

    I hate it when they always talk about how Bellator did compared to the ufc.
    I would rather hear about fighters and fights and match ups instead of ppv
    numbers or sales 

  11. psytanto says:

    Lesnar bigger than GSP; seriously Ariel?

  12. Daquan Price says:

    brock or gsp? are these guys dumb? ariel is the only one with any sense.
    brock would out sell gsp all day everyday cmon now

  13. hawkatro says:

    if GSP comes back against Nick Diaz that would be bigger than Brock vs e.g.

  14. xDomGrox says:

    I think the announcement would have been the first fight card in new
    york,probably in madison square garden.
    but thanks to some corrupt and and greedy individuals things got delayed.
    It would have made the most sense.
    I dont think brocks or gsps return would have been worth a special press
    It also wouldnt make any sense to announce a new country or a stadium fight
    card,since there are no superfights planned right now.

  15. Anthony Alvarez says:

    I cant get threw a single show having to listen to tht smug douche ariel
    sits next to. HE FUCKING ANNOYS ME!

  16. Adam Saddique says:

    Luke makes the show

  17. *K131399* says:

    tommy toe hold did a bit where the big announcement was brock vs fedor lol

  18. GearsDemon says:

    UFC needs to resign rampage. Thats a big draw taken from bellator.

  19. blindbrad11 says:

    Tito ordered a bunch of pranks the night before at Bonnars hotel room so he
    had no sleep lol

  20. jrufus11 says:

    Does Ariel own mmafighting.com?

  21. BannerGundown says:

    Great show guys as always.

  22. *K131399* says:

    its so obvious and hilarious sometimes how bad luke wants to be in ariel’
    chair lol

  23. SpiritMolecule1 says:

    GSP?? who gives a fuck about gsp? Brock is 10 times bigger

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