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  1. Stabby McChaCha says:

    I’ve given Ariel much criticism over stirring the pot between fighters and
    fabricating headlines but I applaud him for defending Rory. I’m not even
    necessarily a Rory fan but just to see a media personality make a strong
    stand for what’s right is quite refreshing. Not just that but he made very
    constructive points on how Zuffa SHOULD have approached this matter. He’s
    always had the balls to do unconventional things but now he’s directing it
    in a way that’s very palatable for the fans. He’s now coming across as a
    media personality who loves the content that he’s covering and feels very
    passionate about the issues given. Any sleazy journalist can try to make
    something out of nothing but when you’re well informed on many topics and
    have the ability to relate one thing to another, you get to see the
    maturing process that we’re getting out of Ariel right now. I also enjoy
    Luke Thomas’ solo show. He’s very well informed about many topics and can
    cover anything very intelligently. 

  2. RSUN2012 says:

    From all intents and purposes DC ought to be, and or very likely would of
    been rightfully facing Gustafsson for the title which Gustafsson obviously
    should of had the rematch, as he absolutely made Jones look pedestrian to
    put it lightly. Fighters being screwed on all fronts from owners and the
    president who have gone AWOL from common sense. I know they know better
    than the atrocious way they’ve been treating their employees in the past
    probably ten years easy. Any scenario Ariel & Luke mentioned in how the
    fighters without even the lawsuit against the UFC can change things like
    boycotting the fights whether big names, or in bunches/every other event
    the UFC from the unbelievable negative press alone make the UFC have to
    respect the fighters, or close up shop and just be sued for doing so in the
    courts AKA that lawsuit. #MakeItEasyForYourselfUFC

  3. SaRomero says:

    dis some nigger shit

  4. Luis Almodovar says:

    Fuck luke thomas I know hes really smart but I get this vibe that he is a
    complete tool and dick

  5. Rusty Recoil says:

    The hate towards Hendricks is because of the 24/7 spit bottle lol

  6. jrufus11 says:

    Ariel now playing the role as the UFC’s lawyer as they have given him a
    presenting job in fox lol…

  7. Mark Hurley says:

    Jeff has to go show is great but every time I watch I hope he isn’t on this
    time and when he his I can’t wait until he stops talking he is a parrot
    most of the time he just piggy backs others ideas which is his fav term btw
    stutters like crazy has no idea what to say always trying to sound smarter
    than he is he has to go I get he works for sports illustrated and that
    lends credit to the show but I think he is more of a detriment than
    anything else if it wasn’t for this show no one would really know he is
    involved in mma he should just stick to baseball 

  8. *K131399* says:

    scroll down the list of ufc MW savages and seriously name one that wont
    absolutely murder cm punk. jose canseco came out and said he would fight
    him in the ufc, and all i can say is if the ufc was to dare to put on a
    celebrity exhibition bout between those two i might have to move on. as
    crazy as it sounds to have such a fiasco, who are they gonna get to fight
    this guy? there’s absolutely guys in upstart promotions would fuck him up
    but the ufc is the big leagues. is it even possible to get a commission to
    sanction a fight between a professional mma fighter and an amateur with no

  9. CM PUNK ᵀᴴᴱ HERO ★ says:

    38:04 #TheMMABeat talk about #CMPunk

  10. thetruthis9 says:


  11. King Roo says:

    Man Rory did get screwed, Dana says Mcgreggor gets the next shot because
    he’s never fought for the title, Rory has never fought for the title, he
    just Ko’d Saffadine, and Hendricks was ooooobviously fighting for points in
    the last 2 rounds. I have never seen such a retarded technique as literally
    hugging a guys leg and doing nothing but wait. Fuck Hendricks he’s lost 2
    of his last 3 and they were all title fights. Give Rory a chance for fuck
    sake what is the UFC thinking lately?

  12. Telvin Kipapa says:

    UFC has really disappoint me throughout this year. The stupid Reebok deal,
    Guys that don’t deserve title shots, Not signing Ben Askren, UFC rankings,
    Caring for only Rousey & McGregor not the rest of the fighters, etc

  13. videogamegenius says:

    Jeff has the best shirt.


    Thanks for everything guys, this is a 5 star panel that i never miss the
    chance to hear. To a better 2015!!

  15. JCD TV says:

    I do not like the trilogy match for the welterweight division. When Robbie
    lost a close call in the first match, did he get a re-match? No…..he
    stayed busy and beat two very tough opponents to get back in the title

    The last thing we need is another rematch to hold up the long line of
    worthy candidates. Isn’t that what everyone says about Frankie Edgar? If
    Hendricks is everything they say he is, give him a fight against Woodley or
    Kelvin and then give him his rematch.


  16. sm0keyMcP0t420 says:

    yeah, pretty disappointed about Rory not getting his shot. Its seems like
    if Dana scores a fight differently then the judges its up to him to say
    fuck that, rematch. how the fuck does Johnny Hendricks get an instant
    rematch and not Gus? And why did Robbie have to go threw 2 tough guys to
    get his rematch and Rory has gone threw 3 tough opponents to get his
    rematch but Johnny who is 2-1 in his last 3 get a rematch right away?
    because he was rubbing the back of his head against Robbies balls for 20
    minutes and he thinks the fans want to see THAT again? c’mon. Velasquez
    even had to win a fight to get a rematch with JDS. Dana CLEARLY playing
    favorates here, just like Sonnen getting a title shot at 205 for no reason
    other then being buddy buddy with the boss.

    But I just want to know, if Robbie loses a close decision, is Dana going to
    make a fouth fight? will it be a istant rematch? are we going best 3 out of
    5 here? best 4 out of 7 like the NHL? By the time this is over GSP will
    have been gone 2 years with no WW title fights other then Lawler/Hendricks,
    And Robbie will have won them all, he’s already 2-0 is most peoples opinion
    but hey lets do a 3rd, right away for no reason. Lets see how the 3rd one
    sells after this last snoozefest and without Pettis as the co-main.

  17. *K131399* says:

    when i heard cm punk say he has some kempo and bjj i thought he was kidding
    lol. fighters havent said bjj in years and kempo has shown to be about as
    effective in the octagon as ballet would be lol

  18. Ty D says:

    How could Hendricks not get the rematch both fights were extremely close an
    exciting to watch. I don’t think there’s a need for Hendricks to build
    himself up, everybody knows what he’s capable of doing an I think he’s
    still number 1 or 2 guy in the devision. Rory is a beast if he does fight
    again before a title shot I don’t think he’ll lose to anyone. 

  19. optimine says:

    “back to your point about Leo” haha.

  20. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    This law suit is retarded, fuck Cung Lee. Cung Lee is one of the few
    fighters paid fairly and he cheated, then wanted people to apologize to
    him?!? Jon Fitch made good money and was a boring fighter who nobody wanted
    to see. Nate was always a good fighter and seemed like a good man and is
    the only one of them who was underpaid. 

  21. KeeperPeace10 says:

    check out the nose on the left side of screen at 40:30 

  22. videogamegenius says:


  23. cristowwal39 says:

    This court shit is boring as hell

  24. ElNino Melendez says:

    my penis is on fire

  25. Martin Edasi says:

    What a nice way of capping it off. Thanks guys, you’ve been really
    entertaining this whole year. And I must add this is my favourite lineup.
    Equal amounts of funny and serious.

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