25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 61”

  1. nicos808 says:

    I just can’t help disliking Luke. I’ve tried to like him, but I can’t. 

  2. OcelotDAD says:

    I find it truly hilarious how people crucified Vitor Belfort for “off fight
    week” elevated testosterone levels because “it gives him a physical and
    confidence boost during training” but the same people say that as long as
    cocaine has no performance enhancing effect during the fight then its ok to
    use it off fight week? Hey you dummies, cocaine can DEFINITELY enhance your
    body and confidence during training the same way elevated testosterone
    does. The level of hipocrisy in MMA media is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Edin Pandzic says:

    why the fuck are they saying having drugs in your system while training is
    irrelevant? lets say it takes away the pain, IT FUCKING MATTERS, YOU WILL

  4. Toonses says:

    Luke is a recreational drug user that’s why he defend Jon Jones so

  5. kingjames1101 says:

    why are people shocked luke is on jones side? he is an avid jones supporter
    and thinks people only dislike him cause he is black not the fact he is a
    massive faggot

  6. OutTheDoor23 says:

    fuck luke thomas, that dude is a fucking hipster he always tries to have a
    controversial opinion, fucking faggot

  7. TheHooliganification says:

    What is Luke’s deal? He is acting completely different then I thought he
    would…Sounds like he has his head shoved up Jones ass. Disappointing that
    no one is completely throwing Jones under the bus for this outrageous
    choice and choices he makes in his personal life as an athlete, as a role
    model for the Martial Art community and as a father and husband…

  8. kyle allen says:

    still watching but it seems like they arent going to mention jones t/e
    being 19/1 indicating a steroid cycle

  9. Toviel Hsu says:

    According to National Institute of Drug Abuse, cocaine creates an influx of
    dopamine and that’s what creates the high. Well… dopamine is what our
    bodies produce to get “runner’s high” or the good feeling after a workout.
    This cocaine effect would make training feeling 10 times better than
    without it. A lot of MMA fighters contribute mental state being a crucial
    part of a good athlete, hence I think it is reasonable to argue cocaine
    gives a mental edge. Besides that DQ, Jon Jones is undefeated and the
    youngest UFC champ ever. This shit works for him.

  10. westcoaststrangler says:

    as an impressionable young man i have learned from the ufc that marijuana
    is bad but cocaine is for champs and ok as long as i exploit loop holes.

  11. *K131399* says:

    important factors in the jones thing are #1 its his second public disgrace.
    #2 his prefight story about accepting the role of the bad guy looks
    suspicious when he says he found out about the results monday, and does he
    know how the post fight tests are gonna come out? #3 how can the ufc get
    rid of guys like matt riddle for weed and suspend guys for usually proven
    false allegations of domestic violence but do nothing when its blow before
    a fight?
    with jones’ low t level i would at least take a look at substances being
    used as masking agents

  12. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Also WTF Ariel, DC came out talking mad shit and being a cocky douche bag.
    Then he gets smashed and Jones sticks it too him and Ariel gets butt hurt?
    Ariel is way to biased I can’t stand it, obviously DC was a class act he
    just lost after talking shit for months what can he possible say and not
    look retarded. 

  13. Fitness Enthusiast says:

    I have lost all faith in Luke. He did COKE man people watch this show!

  14. PirateHugger says:

    Jone Jones needs his belt stripped, respectfully.

  15. sandysanchez4 says:

    luke repeats things from his live chat and monday analysis on this show

  16. john joe says:

    Luke is a fucking dickhead no it all prick! Who gave this Cunt a job?

  17. gizmo nala says:

    everybody ready to pay 59.99 for a PPV which features a 0-0 guy vs a 1-0

  18. waldekzone11 says:

    wow what a BULL Nick Diaz does the same thing nobody goes to defend him,
    Jon Jones does worse and everybody defends him to the death. ufc, nevada
    commision, journalists, Dana White all of them are hippocrts.
    As it comes to invasion to privacy what a crock, he gave them blood
    willingly, he consented to testing and all that it inteils. when you get
    pulled over by a cop and you refuse to take sobriety test on the spot you
    get arrested and they take your blood. if they find cocain you can not
    argue with them that they invaided his privace because they should only
    look for alchol. Wandelei Silva got life ban for not getting tested and now
    he can not earn money for his familly because ufc will not let him fight
    outside us or let him go even though tey let Vitor fight without licence in
    This whole thing stinks, Jon Jones should get treated the same as Nick or
    Wandelei tobe fair

  19. Sannon Aragao says:

    Yeah, let’s talk about the coke and forget about the *CLEAR SIGNS OF
    STEROID USE* the exams shows.

  20. edgarallanpoet says:

    All this talk of cocaine… Now I wanna blow some rails!

  21. YoutubSUCKZ says:

    why is the bearded douchebag sucking jones’ balls so hard?

  22. Kapil Ramchandani says:

    100% agree with them . ignorant uneducated pricks all over the internet .
    just because u hate jon jones doesn’t mean that he can’t have crack a
    month before his fight .its his life , he can do what he wishes.if anything
    jones should be upset that he was tested for street drug. 

  23. SuperRonnieJ1183 says:

    We should all chip in and buy Luke a razor… and a new personality.

  24. RSUN2012 says:

    Geez! I’m typing in short several sentence form now on. Everything just
    deleted from a simple backspace, because the flipping mouse was not clicked
    on the page. I touched on five different topics, but screw it. I’ll just
    touch on two now. That’s a ridiculous stipulation Anderson has with his
    next fight. He would be fighting the man who has literally broken him in a
    couple different ways already. Knocked out, and leg cleanly snapped in
    half. What’s next arm broken, and then ripped off swung at him knocking him
    out again, but this time in Mortal Kombat fashion. lmao

    Cerrone just made that fight a bigger one, because he has been on fire
    until that last fight, but he won unanimously, and Henson has been pretty
    much forgotten in any talk of being a viable contender to the title
    holder. We have to remember there is a commission that handles any brain
    trauma, and broken arms, legs and the like, and of course other organs
    damaged, so we can ease our brains in enjoying Cerrone, or anyone else
    getting in there and fighting more than the two to three max that almost
    all do for the last several years. I love how in Pride a fighter could
    fight almost a s much as he wanted, but of course at that time it was
    mostly up to the fighter himself, because the care was not like it is in
    the UFC.

  25. TheHooliganification says:

    Fuck this debate. There is huge difference between cocaine and weed, but
    yet it seems this debate is like as if Jones smoked weed…go smoke a joint
    then go fight then a week later go snort a line of coke then fight and tell
    me if they are the same…

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