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  1. The Machine says:

    Can’t be considered the GOAT when you are a fucking cheat. 

  2. Edin Pandzic says:

    GSP #1 p4p and GOAT!………the ONLY clean champion fighting for real
    testing, and paying his own extra real testing in order to take the lead
    towards cleaning up the sport…..even when his opponents run away form
    testing (hendricks the steroid), he still goes through with it….

  3. TerryMMA says:

    when anderson silva was asked about the failed drug test,his response was

    i back i back to ufc,i want to thank dana lorenzo ufc,i no steroids sensei
    told me,Anderson you take needle and stick it in your ass and magic
    happens,sensei not wrong magic do happen.

  4. Daffy Dell says:

    No Luke no party.

  5. perbe28 says:

    Fuck Anderson Silva that black brazilian cunt, using fucking steroids worse
    former champ ever.

  6. late privktorian era says:

    Skylar (whoever he is) wasn’t that bad! Good job dude..

  7. SpiritMolecule1 says:

    greatest of all time my ass, the guy is incredibly overrated! jon jones,
    cain and weidman are ALL more impressive

  8. Socrates says:

    I read that one of the substances he tested positive for, has a side effect
    that makes your bones weaker.There was no out of competition drug testing
    for the 2nd Weidman, so maybe he broke his leg through roids.

  9. Persadish says:

    What’s the big deal? He tested positive for taking medicine he was supposed
    to be taking. Anderson had his leg snapped in half, which included torn
    tendons and muscle damage. Doctors prescribe steroids to patients who need
    muscles to recover after major damage. It seems like no one understands
    that steroids are used in the field of medicine. Everyone acts like
    steroids are some kind of street drug that makes you into a superhero.

  10. Stabby McChaCha says:

    Considering that the protocols taken by the NSAC regarding both the
    Jones/Cormier and Silva/Diaz drug tests are under question, it might not be
    so far-fetched to consider foul play involved between the NSAC and Zuffa.
    It’s weird enough that a test result involving a drug that’s not banned out
    of competition was released to the public. Now we have a test result that
    was not released until after the event….eluding to the suspicion that the
    UFC proceeded with the match despite knowing the test results. Either
    there is some kind of vendetta taking place or these are simply further
    examples of the NSAC’s profound incompetence. Not to take away from the
    fighters’ liability….they are guilty as sin. But let’s consider that the
    focus on the fighters is overshadowing the fact that while the UFC is down,
    the NSAC could be going for an extra kick to the ribs. Why?…I don’t know
    but this is all too shady to be purely coincidence. 

  11. jdailey01230 says:

    lol why is the dude from 21 and over on the panel!?

  12. TheVJProduction says:

    as much as i have bashed gsp for humping his opponent, nipple twisting, and
    point fight, i dont want to see him comeback. please gsp dont come back and
    get fuckd over, leave this sport as a champ.

  13. Dana White says:

    how bout we go back to 1993! roids for everyone, no gloves, kicking in the
    nuts, and head butts. fuck it!

  14. Edin Pandzic says:

    first time EVER Silva is randomly tested, he gets popped for multiple
    steroids……Silva used to schedule his own tests up till now……he is
    just another cheater……nothing but a steroid popping cheater….carried
    too, being fed non wrestlers to fight….

  15. Ludwig Marcello Martinez says:

    Wow, lets have an entire show about Anderson Silva doing PEDs although it
    hasn’t been proven or explained… but yes, lets ignore, forget and do our
    best to make the cocaine issue, go to rehab for 1 day, thing just
    disappear. Ariel Helwani is an idiot… A BUNCH OF NERDS THAT HAVE NEVER
    that JBJ is not on PEDs. I will love it when he gets caught and everything
    comes out. 

  16. SMOK3LOC 73 says:

    I went to school with the man in the hat. Great guy would always come to
    school with the same hat. I remember one day I stole his hat. We all

  17. GearsDemon says:

    3rd offense for diaz. 1st time his win was overturned. 2nd time he was
    fined and given a ban from competition for 6 months? I believe. He could be
    in big trouble here as well. I know it’s kind of a running joke but he
    might be out for 1-2 years because of this.

  18. jtm5 says:

    Nick Diaz is a good dude and a great MMA athlete. He went the distance with
    a roided up supposed GOAT and actually won a few rounds (to those who know
    how to score fights at least). If I were him I would be so pissed off with
    Silva’s test result yet he hasn’t judged or blasted Silva for cheating and
    being juiced to the gills. It shows that Nick has good character to not
    kick a man when he’s down even though Silva literally cheated him out of a
    huge victory and put him in serious danger in the process. As for Diaz’s
    marijuana test, it’s ridiculous bc marijuana is legal in many U.S. States
    and does not enhance performance at all. It’s like testing positive for
    drinking wine. A non factor. 

  19. Vegeta Barrett says:

    What if somebody put something in Anderson’s drink!!!
    I cannot believe Silva’s been on steroids for too long because he just
    doesnt have the muscle mass.
    If i were a betting man i would go with the idea that this is because of
    his horrific accident.
    And as far as p4p king goes,well
    the resume says it all #jonesbones

  20. Petri Rendi says:

    Finally Chuck and Jeff can speak because that douche Luke is not there.
    Great episode

  21. Qasim ANwar says:

    why can’t athletes have just admitted they took peds instead of denying,
    admit it say you fucked up and you’re sorry. Andy Pettitte admitted it and
    apologized. , fans don’t give him shit or mention his name in conversations
    when talking about steroids

  22. Michael Zand says:

    There can be no doubt anymore!

  23. William K says:

    Like this comment if you are a Silva fan, and you don’t give a shit about
    the drug test, and you still think he’s the GOAT.

  24. SuperRonnieJ1183 says:

    I never understood how a guy that lost 4 times before ever coming to the
    UFC was considered the ‘greatest of all-time’… only the hype machine
    pushed that shit onto gullible fans. Fedor accomplished more, showed more
    talent, and did it full of Vodka instead of Drostanolone.

  25. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    GSP is the Lance Armstrong of mma. Weidman is a glass man and guys like him
    and cruz are bad for the sport.

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