25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 65”

  1. Petri Rendi says:

    skipped part with Ronda so basically half of this episode

  2. The Machine says:

    Too much Ronda Rousey talk, thumbs down. I wanna hear about other topics
    besides womans mma which I give 0 fucks about.

  3. Ironik Mo says:

    My boy Luke always on point 

  4. Pugey1 says:

    SKIP to 30 mins to get to the end of all the Rhonda Rousey talk

  5. XseesU says:

    Ariel doesn’t understand why people don’t want to see a 14 second
    fight,,,,uhhhhh because Ariel isn’t paying $50 , he watching it for free.

  6. Edo P. says:

    I don’t get all this Ronda talk, its the same shit every time….empty
    division, fighters got no discipline charging in like a random person off
    the street just swinging for the fences……

  7. bogdan albu says:

    no one watches this bullshit ,, I just opened the page so that it shows it
    as viewed on my subscription page

  8. fuckyou goglefags says:

    no one give a fuck about ronda

  9. Rashad Evans says:

    I threw up on my keyboard and stopped watching when that bearded faggot
    called Ronda Rousey lethal . 

  10. John Ferguson says:

    They had Andersen fight James Irvin, Stephan Bonner, etc. at 205. Why
    wouldn’t Ronda fight Cyborg in the same way? 

  11. Brandon McCall says:

    “What am I doing with my life?” – Luke when they started discussing
    Shamrock vs Kimbo. Hahahahaha!

  12. Darknesses says:

    lol suckin rondas dick..

  13. Luke Thomas says:

    We talk Ronda Rousey, Cyborg Justino, Rampage-Bellator and more.

  14. Adam Jordan says:

    women fighting is boring 

  15. XseesU says:

    WOW,,, Ariel was pro Cyborg all this time ,,,yet after ufc 184 post fight
    press con it looks like Dana White had a talk with him, all of a sudden he
    doesn’t want to see this fight. I cant stand Jeff Wagenblah,,, but I agree,
    whats stopping this fight? Dana made it clear Ronda wants to fight her,
    soooooo who is holding this up? once again smells like some bs.

  16. *K131399* says:

    imagine how huge ronda could be if she didnt have the trainwreck

  17. OGjimbo says:

    Wow, thanks MMA “journalists” for discussing the Burt Watson thing without
    saying a single word about Burt’s reason for leaving so suddenly. Was it
    just his time? Was there some kind of disagreement about how much he was
    getting paid? Did he get into an argument with someone? Did someone offer
    him more money to go back to the boxing world?
    We aren’t going to find out by watching this show!

  18. blindbrad11 says:

    18:15 I bet 90% of rousey’s sparing partners are men. gym fights or
    training count as real fights and in that case or all females MMA they
    fight with guys all the time.

  19. Rusty Recoil says:

    Great show

  20. useyouforfood says:

    “Paul Buentello build” haha i love being caught off guard with a reference
    like that.

  21. GoranKeoki says:

    I really don’t understand why so much has to be said of Rousey – Zingano,
    lets sum it up in one sentence: Cat bumrushed her into a grappling exchange
    and Ronda did what Ronda does

  22. josephthemighty says:

    Oh look. A bunch of cunts who think they have the right to judge a woman
    based on her looks. And here are some other seeping anuses that think
    believing you shouldn’t talk about a woman like she’s a piece of meat,
    means you’re a feminine pussy or some such idiocy. “U wite nite fur not
    tinking bitchis is bitchis herpderp” (pause while dribbling commences)
    “Only pussys lik WMMA. I going to pick my anus now, an fink abut how much i
    hat wemen. Dey suk. I man! Duuuuuuhhh”.

    That’s what you people sound like. And finally, over here we have a group
    of enormous losers who think an Olympian, Judoka wizard, and unbeaten UFC
    champion, who runs through her opponents like they aren’t there, isn’t a
    viable subject of fascination amongst MMA fans. Well done the lot of you.
    You are officially the lowest common denominator. Careful, you’ll wear
    those Affliction tee-shirts out if you wear them that much.

  23. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Man fuck Ariel Helwani. I hate how biased everyone is towards Ronda. Cyborg
    was a champion before Ronda was even a mma fighter. Why should it be up to
    Cyborg to move down in weight just because Ronda is a bigger star? It hurts
    Cyborgs performance to cut 10 llbs, it helps Ronda to not cut weight and
    fight 145.

    The fact is Ronda has fought at 150 and was willing to do it for other
    fighters. Ronda is clearly looking for an advantage and it pisses me off
    people claim Cyborg is ducking when she has never fought at 135 and Ronda
    has fought at her weight.

    For once Jeff is the voice of reason to Ariels stupidity. 

  24. Skep Tical says:

    UFC ‘vehemently and categorically denies’ Burt Watson departure a result of
    Ronda Rousey entourage
    By Jesse Holland on Mar 5, 2015, 1:18p 50

    Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) site coordinator Burt Watson,
    also known as the “babysitter to the stars,” shocked the mixed martial arts
    (MMA) community earlier this week when he announced he was leaving the
    ZUFFA family after 14 years of dedicated service.

    Not long after he was gone, reports began surfacing on Twitter (via Front
    Row Brian) that Watson threw in the towel after a run-in with the Ronda
    Rousey entourage at UFC 184. Not because he was getting grief from Team
    “Rowdy,” but rather because UFC President Dana White failed to have his

    Something White said was “the furthest thing from the truth.”

    In addition, the promotion has “vehemently and categorically denied” that
    Watson’s departure had anything to do with its women’s bantamweight
    champion, according to FOX Sports 1 analyst Ariel Helwani. Unfortunately,
    the only person who can confirm or deny any of this is Watson, who has
    remained silent since calling it quits.

    Expect more details to trickle in over the coming days.

  25. brian kelley says:

    Minus the juice Ronda takes Anderson Silva

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