25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 66”

  1. Soleman92 says:

    LOL @ Ariel. Carla fought the best at TUF. What an idiot. Joanna and
    Gadelha are clearly the top 2 in that division. It’s not even close. Carla
    could never beat either. 

  2. bogdan albu says:

    no one watches this shit.. I just opened this page so that it marks it as
    viewed in my subscriptions

  3. Fruity McGee says:

    I use to get paid to watch and ‘like’ all Luke Thomas videos… that guy
    has always been shady..

  4. Babby says:

    I watched this skimming through every time Luke Thomas spoke and I feel
    wiser because of it. Wagenheim is a legit reporter for a respected
    publication (Sports Illustrated), and Luke started his own MMA forum and
    somehow spun it into a talking head thing hilarious

  5. Ranny413 says:

    i called Ariel helwani a Zionist on twitter and he blocked me :'(. I miss u
    bro im sorry :(

  6. MooseheadStudios says:

    got my bagel and some v8! yum yum time and mma time

  7. Jared Spencer says:

    Looks like Luke has a black eye with makeup on it.

  8. Soleman92 says:

    Ariel still trying to convince people Esparza acted differently before this
    fight. Check any of Carla’s fights. She has the same demeanor. 

  9. Lucas Yeazel says:

    Why Luke picking on this weird shirt guy so much.? You guys work
    together….. You on TRT now lmfao

  10. Jefferson Da Silva Reis says:

    Go Bethe!!! One more belt to Brazillllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  11. Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez says:

    Khabib is the Velasquez of the lightweight div. just relentless attacks, if
    he doesnt f%&…stand up he’ll take u down and f%&…there…plain and

  12. taylor wagneers says:

    Joanna should fight Calderwood or namajuanas next

  13. kfratz6 says:

    I’m confused as to how Jessica Eye was ever in title talks? Only fight she
    won in the UFC was because she punched someone in the ear and the doctor
    stopped the fight. 

  14. meze maccalman says:

    they are making her go all the way to brazil to hand out a 5 second ass
    wooping .. boring fight.. id rather see her fight uncle creepy…

  15. DzzO says:

    Brazilian fans are not going to be screaming “uh, vai morrer!”. They will
    be screaming all kinds of sexist insults that Rhonda won’t understand.

  16. pineapplepainter says:

    What is with the Luke defence of Esparza? She tried shooting with finesse
    and got spirit broken by the failures. It was from then on her shots were

  17. Lifter85 says:

    Luke Thomas has WHITE GUILT. 

  18. MarriedtoNFLtill MMAcametotown says:

    These guys are not giving Joanne NEARLY enough credit! they are talking
    like Esbarza beat herself. Joanne’s striking was faster and sharper than
    any mma womens fighter on any division. Esbarza went into that second round
    fearful. se couldnt quit and she knew she would just have to take a

  19. R. Alexander says:

    The Nose, The Beard, The Shirt, The Hat.

  20. taylor wagneers says:

    Esparza got shut down. That’s what happened because she was fighting
    Joanna. You’re acting like she was the greatest female fighter of all time

  21. iytujty po'kl says:

    nate diaz aint lookin so bad anymore after watching worse happen to
    pettis…..diaz vs pettis?

  22. Jeff Shaffer says:

    Rafael looked like a 185er I’m not gonna say PEDs but his enhanced testing
    fight will be a good one.

  23. Ethan Eastway says:

    There are no contenders for Rhonda for the same reason there is no one to
    fight Johnson. Young division with limited fighters. You win 3 fights and
    you are fighting for the belt. Fighter need more time to progress through
    their careers and get better. 

  24. Gabriel Verdon says:

    “The old bus driver uppercut”, lol, Luke has the best references.

  25. Benji says:

    This is the true A team.

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