25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 67”

  1. Luke Thomas says:

    We talk Brock Lesnar, Drew Dober, Aldo-McGregor’s tour, Ronda Rousey and a
    bunch of other stuff.

  2. Jonathan Reyes says:

    No one gives a shit about Phil davis I personally think he should be cut or
    at least don’t put his ass on the main card should be fighting on Facebook

  3. Jonathan Reyes says:

    We need some cain velasquez news 

  4. gizmo nala says:

    Ariel, can you introduce Luke as the man with a frown? LOL

  5. Tom Mannion says:

    Luke disregarding the opinion of Khabib and Weidman, good bloke!

  6. steve mills says:

    Jesus, God. Luke Thomas just reeks of that,’I know more than you’
    attitude. I mean, I appreciate all his knowledge, but damn, let’s not have
    that belittling attitude about it that he reeks of.

  7. Tom Mannion says:

    Bravo, Sonnen, Schaub, now Weidman and Nurmagomedov have all publically
    predicted a dominant win for Connor. Anyone else wanna doubt him now?

  8. ronjon83 says:

    Anyone else get a serial killer vibe from Chuck? Dude seems like he has
    some shit bottled up.

  9. videogamegenius says:

    23:28 Water Spills! hahahahahhaa

  10. D0MiN4T1NG says:

    Who else hates it when Chuck raises his hands whenever he talks?? Such a
    bad habbit.

  11. PlantsAsMedicine says:

    Is it me or does Luke Thomas look like a beaver?

  12. Al Gonzalez says:

    Santa Claus is getting under my skin

  13. XBLonTwitch says:

    Luke looks like he got a couple black eyes, lmao. Wtf is that, not enough
    sleep or has a beating been given to ol Luke?

  14. Honda Housey says:

    Jeff is totally delusional, could you really imagine Henry Ceudjo in the
    WWE? what a joke.

  15. Lord Syler says:

    Luke Thomas is taking over 

  16. sainttrunks1982 says:

    Why do they keep bringing Jeff W. Back too studder 40mins threw the show
    every……week (-_-)

  17. TheVJProduction says:

    lmao luke thomas about to bust a nut talking about brock lesnar.

  18. G-man says:

    this show is pure gold

  19. The Machine says:

    Did Luke get his ass kicked?

  20. Bartholomew Simpson says:

    lmao Luke Thomas disagrees completely that Jose Aldo should learn English.

  21. jason wallace says:

    HORNSWOGGLE LMAAAAAO on point Ariel!!! 

  22. Rational Police says:

    When did they talk about Lombard or 186?

  23. Uncle Victor says:

    The pedophile with the shirt.

  24. AGuitaringRancor says:

    Ariel just does not seem like an MMA fan. His interest seems to be purely
    based around trash talking, hyping the fights and other forms of theatrics
    rather than the fights themselves.

  25. Jason Idiom says:

    Hey helwani.. fuck fake fighting… and fuck talking english… how is that
    going to help you fight?

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