25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 69”

  1. james molett says:

    Eye witness now saying he was wearing a dress and lipstick.

  2. dannynnad says:

    Slick NY Rick, that hair is god awful

  3. jrufus11 says:

    This Jon jones situation is like a wet dream for gossip merchant ariel 

  4. Chris R says:

    WTF is the new guy on about worrying about Jon Jones doesn’t have enough
    money. He just got millions to fight Cormier. I think he will be alright
    for a few years new guy.

  5. turtles says:

    Stop talking about the fucking “Ronda Rousey is the face of the UFC
    bullshit”. No she isn’t. Lets be real. She’s a spectacle.

    Bones is the marquee fighter in the UFC period. And they made the right

    Jon is immautre and I’m not supporting him until he gets it together. He
    put the UFC in a tough spot. If they let him compete, they encourage dudes
    who hit pregnant women and then run. lol

  6. Petri Rendi says:

    Luke not there….great, finally someone can talk on this show besides him.

  7. The Machine says:

    New York rik usually looks fly but that haircut is god awful lmao 

  8. cristowwal39 says:

    Don’t you dare diss hockey Jeff

  9. Alinne Moraes says:

    At least they’re not talking about Conor who is only a joker

  10. DERSisPRODIGY616 says:

    That dude all the way on the right is really boring please don’t have him
    back on the show

  11. ronjon83 says:

    Cormier saying ‘my belt’ is fucking weak. That’s not the way he should want
    to win it. He should want to beat Jones fair and square.

  12. PoRT says:

    Episode 69!!!!!!!

  13. philly bus wanker says:

    they should of let him fight johnson, all this media coverage would of =
    big ppv.
    and then maybe karma would have been delivered through rumbles right hand.

  14. JoeJR6787 says:

    I’m gonna cry on the day Jeff Wagenheim retires.

  15. Edo P. says:

    did this dumb ass jew call jon cokehead jones GOAT?

  16. turtles says:

    Also just to add, stop trying to make it seem like Jon walked over the
    pregnant woman’s lifeless body. He was probably high off weed, concussed
    from the accident and just ran off of pure self-preservation. Lets just be
    real. It looks bad but we dont need to be overly-sensational dude.

  17. A Train says:

    not a newyork ric fan sorry

  18. Steven Soto says:

    Hey +MMAFightingonSBN i think if Jones comes back i think he’ll jump up to
    heavyweight division. he’s always talked about and i think this opens that
    door to for him to win two belts in two different divisions.. what do you
    guys think?

  19. soufean laabouss says:

    “only jon jones can bring down jon jones”-jon jones

  20. *K131399* says:

    the most relevant distinction that they’re missing regarding the pressure
    of a fighter opposed to another sport athlete is the nature of their
    competitions. getting defeated at throwing a ball or scoring touchdowns is
    simply not in the same stratosphere as getting the shit beat out of you by
    another man in front of an arena crowd and millions on tv period.

  21. David B says:

    no man with the hat, no Luke! i think i’ll skip this one.

  22. *K131399* says:

    no luke the mall cop? this is shaping up to be good. shouldnt do it without
    chuck though.

  23. Clyde Rembrandt says:

    People don’t feel sorry for Jon Jones. There are plenty of poor people
    that would not even be able to make bail after pulling a hit n’ run. It
    would make more sense to feel bad for those nobodies. People just wanted to
    see Jones vs. Rumble.

  24. Uncle Victor says:

    Where’s Luke the beaver and the gimp with the hat at?

  25. Nino Brown says:

    No luke or the man with the hat but somehow you got annoying ass jeff
    swagenheim? :/

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