The MMA Beat – Episode 8

This week on “The MMA Beat,” the panel looks at Michael Bisping’s quest to become middleweight champion, whether it was the right call to book Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort, Bellator’s Spike TV debut, the promotion’s legal troubles with former champion Eddie Alvarez, where Josh Barnett will end up, and Ronda Rousey’s recent controversial tweet.

25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode 8”

  1. Jay Sin says:

    Ronda’s Hot fire you call it. Has the right to free speech you bitches. Just cuz you live there doesnt mean you know what happened. You guys never watched the video obviously

  2. Jay Sin says:

    Barnett obviously does not want to go to the UFC

  3. thehazeisgod says:

    I honestly can’t believe there are dumb-asses out there who believe that conspiracy video. Retards.

  4. Jay Sin says:

    Bellator cant stop fighters from advancing there career. And what they are trying to do is douche. How fighters will go to bellator knowing that it will be much harder to get in the ufc. They will bypass bellator alltogether

  5. nickjavurek says:

    Love me some mma beat!

  6. Thome90 says:

    Chuck Mindenhall is definitely the most likable guy of them all….

  7. GLACIUSxxxxxx says:

    i kinda want bisping to win he’s a pretty good fighter granted he can b a prick sometimes but his skills are solid… curious to see how he would do against silva

  8. Kenneth Alexander says:

    MMA Beat is the smartest MMA show out. @ Ariel Helwani, you deserve a network deal, maybe a show like Jim Lampley’s Fight Game. Personal opinion.

    – one of the KO Guys

  9. Zack Graney says:

    they should get you guys on fx

  10. MrPhukYu says:

    Take your own advice, son: “freedom of speech bitch!”

  11. zimple007 says:

    haha, i feel you bro

  12. arabicscarface007 says:

    u r a fag

  13. Jay Sin says:

    Its true. I have a real interest in bellator now that strikeforce is over. There is a void out there and bellator is filling it up nicely

  14. arabicscarface007 says:


  15. Hugh Mannity says:

    Ariel dissing Tito lol, dude needs to be careful about dissing fighters.

  16. arabicscarface007 says:


  17. schwill81 says:

    @ogjimbo it’s tonight at nine I think on fx

  18. arabicscarface007 says:

    hes a dumb liberal government chronie and a journalist who just spews propaganda. just because he’s a mma journalist doesnt mean a hes not a robot like alll journalist.

  19. MrPhukYu says:

    Freedom of Speech? Such as what I just did? Yea, I clearly don’t understand that… & you should be replying to the retard I replied to, who said “u guys r fags”. I was just trolling the troll. How do you not understand that?

  20. MrDrPerci says:

    This needs to be a podcast

  21. 792bnz says:

    why is it when somone says something negative about the government, its wrong or offensive? and for luke to sit their and demoralize the fans as if none of them know what they’re talking about is sad. its no conspiracy the”government” has lied to the people before, so why is it so far fetch now? and he fell short of calling her a dummy cause of her status

  22. OGjimbo says:

    where is the Bisping card happening again? This one aint a payperview is it?

  23. shonuffLA says:

    1st amendment how do you not understand that ? and why be a homophobe in the process ?

  24. shonuffLA says:

    1st amendment, lol the fact the media is the opposite side of that is hilarious, also none of them did any research on the video which would be in line with mma journalism.

  25. bluebke says:

    Luke Thomas won me over with the last segment. “Morons” in response to Ariel leading into the video and his thoughts was gold. Nice job guys!

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