24 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode No. 11”

  1. TheSuperiorDudes says:

    FUCK YEH love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thekingofoakland says:

    I wanna see Silva snap Chris in half!

  3. CRonaldo7Skilz says:

    Luke Thomas, the same as always… I’m just surprised he didn’t say “I don’t care” when they taked about Carwin. That’s he always says in his lives…
    He also has a big talent to avoid talking about things just saying “we don’t care” (like for the gloves). If you have nothing to say, say nothing. Don’t duck the question.

  4. Jandy Veinte Doce says:

    No Ric?

  5. TheEnlightenedMonkey says:


  6. Truth18x says:

    lmao your last line

  7. Rexzbeats says:

    the best mma show

  8. Tekka87 says:

    It kind of looks like Luke got tagged in sparring? (left temple)

  9. lonnie333 says:

    Agreed, Luke is the man…no frills.

  10. KaiserSlowzie says:

    Love the Beat, but it’s irregularity forced me into the arms of The Fight Network.

  11. shallbeknown says:

    everybody hates luke thomas 

  12. codyjames707 says:

    Thanks for bringing the show back! One thing that I haven’t heard to many people talk about with the superfights is how ridiculous it would seem to put someone as small as gsp against Anderson Silva. Though gsp is a great champion and his record shows it, the mere size difference between the two seems like it would be too much. That being said, the Jones and Silva fight would be AMAZING! Similar heights, great records, interesting styles, and Jones goes for finishes! Would be great to see!

  13. IsakTheGreat says:

    It’s about damn time. I was going into some serious MMA Beat withdrawal.

  14. Wendel Saltoc says:

    the opening and ending music abit too loud cant hear your greeting and goodbyes

  15. MrLandlubba says:

    Poo all over my finger

  16. MrLandlubba says:

    -sniff sniff- poo poo on my finger

  17. MrLandlubba says:

    I have a smelly poo poo finger. My finger is smelly. Like a poo poo.

  18. MrLandlubba says:

    My poo poo smells really bad. When I put it on my finger, my finger smells bad. Like a poo poo.

  19. shallbeknown says:

    Doofus Ric

  20. terry bailey says:

    hi @arielhelwani would love to have The MMA Beat as a podcast

  21. PoTaTeRsX says:

    Shane Carwin will go down as the best uncrowned heavyweight ever in my opinion. You never know what he was gonna do with those cinder block hands.

  22. XD18Felipe says:

    Yay good stuff men !

  23. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    Cain would’ve stopped him by TKO because he would wear Carwin out quick

  24. DecaMMM says:

    You took forever for a new episode cause u needed a new studio really? C’mon you can do this on anyone’s couch or Luke’s basement where he does his weekly chat. lol

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