20 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode No. 12”

  1. Pier Galeone says:


  2. lukemur13 says:

    good show guys, thanks for doing it 🙂

  3. CharlieSmurffy says:

    Caraway’s a fag and a silly ass bitch.

  4. MrChopzz says:

    Higher Primate!! Awesome!!

  5. xart23x says:

    Leave Luke alone, as far as I know, of these 4 nerds, he’s the one that’s willing to step in the ring and get punched in the face. He trains MMA therefore is no punk, gotta respect him for that.

  6. xart23x says:


  7. Theodore Bormet says:

    love this stuff,great show,like Luke `s comments,brings a certain flavor to the show

  8. Funkmastabuzz says:

    @NewYorkRic in place of Luke!!! #RallyForNewYorkRic

  9. Parker Stewart says:

    totally agree!! he’s so opinionated it’s fun to listen to him. Especially coming from such an educated position, you have to at least respect his opinion.

  10. Reapz1212 says:

    amen! agree 100%

  11. TherealDevonte says:

    Good stuff.

  12. FouetLianes says:

    I love Luke personally , fuck you all.

  13. tgo007 says:

    If the UFC didn’t take the money, then fighters will think “oh hey, I can smoke weed and ufc won’t take my money. LETS GET HIGH” This is obviously assuming they don’t fight in Vegas where the commission will do it.

  14. godofthisshit says:


  15. Hugh Mannity says:

    Because you’re afraid of peoples response you ask that question tentatively, fuck that. It doe’s have an effect on numbing the nervous system, anybody that says otherwise doesn’t know shit. Fighters know they shouldn’t smoke it and still do, so it’s hard to be sympahtic.

  16. lukemur13 says:

    “Cannabis goes against the spirit of the sport” LMFAO and caffeine doesn’t? Which one is going to enhance fighters more and all other athletes for that matter??

  17. Jeff Evans says:

    LOL! I LOVE LUKE! I don’t get why everyone hates him. He may come off as a prick but that’s the best part. He brings the drama and spice to the show. Almost like Sonnen does. I wouldn’t watch this program or UFC if it was just a bunch of nice guys talking without any drama.

  18. lukemur13 says:

    isn’t it amazing that the government is saying nature, evolution, god or whatever got it wrong. You can’t ingest this plant that grows naturally….. No hope for humanity imo and i don’t even smoke it

  19. lukemur13 says:

    exactly – reminds me of the bill hicks quote – “cigarettes, alcohol = good drugs, coincidentally taxed drugs….

  20. Crayfish3D says:

    People hate Luke because intelligent people always make youtube comment neckbeards feel insecure.

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