25 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode No. 16”

  1. RunEnabled says:

    I would rather pay for this then a UFC ppv. Bellators PPV is cheaper and I actually care about the main event.

  2. MrDusterzz says:

    Cmon guys its on bjork’s bucket list this fight

  3. heavybearswe says:

    agreed all the way!

  4. WinterRapalaFishing says:

    Yea, I don’t understand the complaints

  5. dusty616l says:


  6. timfbmx says:

    Chuck don’t call me mind-in-hall Mindenhall gets me everytime.

  7. timfbmx says:

    Good idea actually. An attractive woman on the show with great MMA knowledge would be a nice change.

  8. FruityMcGee says:

    Best mma beat episode by far. Much improved.. i think chiapetta’s slow incoherent thoughts brake the show’s momentum. U da man Ariel.. little mermaid 😉

  9. reznerPTV says:

    I thought this panel did a good job. Its nice to switch things up now and again, I would love to see some fighters on the panel i think that would be really interesting.

  10. SillyNameFoundHere says:

    I’ll take a midget over Luke Thomas any day of the week.

  11. Adstfy Bowles says:

    Get Karen Bryant on the show sometimes.

  12. Luis gon says:

    How Rampage isnt a top ten guy

  13. Parker Stewart says:

    No Luke or Mike? Why am I watching this? I don’t give a fuck about these assholes opinions!

  14. quicksandd says:

    luke thomas is a bitch

  15. elandys84 says:

    Ariel pulling mind tricks to look bigger

  16. HydroBud98 says:

    I want to see Brandao VS Mcgregor if they both win their next fights which are on the same night.

  17. MsMarc1234 says:

    Next lineup should be: Ariel, Luke Thomas, New Yotk Ric and Mindenhal

  18. HydroBud98 says:

    I think Shogun VS Teixeira should bet set if they both win their next fights and maybe that fight could be the #1 contender fight? and maybe Davis VS DC if DC wins his next fight. Or Davis VS Teixeira or Davis VS Shogun and make Jones VS DC happen. In my opinion the 205 pound division is kind of a mess right now.

  19. Miguel Zavaleta says:

    Who tha fck is that midget??? and why is Nick Nolte wearing a Hawaiian shirt????

  20. HydroBud98 says:

    The UFC has fucked up the Light Heavyweight division because of their matchmaking. Machida VS Gustafsson should have been the #1 contender fight. That would have been good for Machida because Gustafsson is legit competition and it would have been good for Gustafsson because if he won that’s more experience under his belt getting ready for Jones but now Davis beat him in a controversial dec and no 1 really thinks he’s ready for Jones so who does he fight? Who does Machida fight?

  21. BlackStar KeepShining says:


  22. threap123 says:

    Actually quite good panel better without Luke he always tries to seem really clever and always says ‘I’m so contriversial’ ooh I wonder what the YouTube comments will say? Fuck off

  23. BL1STYLE says:

    Booo!! This show is SHIT without Luke Thomas!!! Bring back Luke!! #BringBackLuke

  24. mochronik says:

    The show is just weird without Luke

  25. Ace Koko says:

    Raimondi has the size of Tito’s head

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