24 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode No. 18”

  1. acaya66 says:

    Frankie was faster and sharper than bj at lw. I love penn but this is going to be ugly.

  2. RollinOnPups says:


  3. googleboughtmee says:

    Tate has been coming off as a really nice person so far. I’d like to be her friend and lick her.

  4. HydroBud98 says:

    I Think Teixeira should fight the winner of Sonnen VS Evans for the #1 contender spot. Teixeira in my opinion is just not ready for Jones if Jones defends his belt. There’s a few ways this division could end up. The UFC just needs to calm down let divisions that need to, grow so we can see the real #1 contenders for the Champions. The UFC just seems to impatient in my opinion.

  5. Truth18x says:

    Luke Thomas actually knows what hes talking about hes not somebody like Ariel for example that just stirs crap up so you don’t like facts

  6. Truth18x says:

    I cannot stand Chiapetta or however you spell his name

    In that dana google hangout he ignored fan questions for dana and kept rambling on with his bs questions along with his friend

  7. HydroBud98 says:

    Which means more experience for the young fighter and it would have been good for the promotion of Jones VS Gustafsson meaning his name would hold more weight. Now since that did not happen Machida ended up fighting Davis which was just a fight that felt weird and made no sense. So now Machida’s gone and in the 185 pound division. Teixeira might be getting the next title shot when he should have fought Rashad so maybe Davis will fight Gegard or the winner of Sonnen VS Evans.

  8. HydroBud98 says:

    The 205 pound division is a mess. A lot of people think Gustafsson was rushed into this fight with Jones and I agree. The #1 contender fight should have been
    Machida VS Gustafsson. If Machida won then that would have been 1 more win under his belt against a young legit contender and it would have been his 3rd fight since Jones so his 2nd fight with Jones would not have felt so early. If Gustafsson won that would have been 1 more fight on his record against 1 of the best.

  9. SyringeSem says:

    weidman isn’t even the best fighter at middleweight, not even top 5 p4p

  10. IHACKER316 says:

    Brilliant episode – they should be an hour long I love it

  11. Uirá Beirão says:

    hahah I watched the Bellator Fight Master!

  12. kazzap jesus says:

    omg dat cringe opening

  13. metalmankeith says:

    That intro never would have happened if Luke Thomas was on the panel.

  14. zombiedeth69 says:

    i know right like hes the end all be all of mma media…..hes a douch

  15. ivanzc11 says:

    Old guy stinks like poo… Put a fan on the show from time 2 time would b interesting… I think anyway

  16. Joseph Gonzales says:

    Meisha is hotter. That’s why people are pulling for her.

  17. elandys84 says:

    Most retarded Intro ever, coupled with the “I am of course Ariel Helwani”….of course? LOL

  18. TheGreatYosh says:

    Dare I say, that new guy is better than Luke Smith.

  19. Marquis Gadsden says:

    Don’t ever do a corny skit like that again. Lol. Please…

  20. Robert Livingston says:

    No Luke, No Like. Fuck you, Mike Straka!

  21. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    yeah fuck that old stinky guy who lies.

  22. Roronoa D Vegeta says:


  23. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    sherk didn’t keep his belt after he tested positive they stripped him and bj got it.

  24. j.s.t says:

    love the shirt. love the guys in the white hair too

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