24 comments on “The MMA Beat – Episode No. 20”

  1. EAAAAAAGLE says:

    Ah yes The A-Team

  2. chlebiceksmaslem says:

    correction – morons love manufactured drama

  3. WHATmikal says:

    I’m gonna be training with Ring in a few months at Champions Creed. Moving to Calgary from Kelowna and making the transfer from Toshido. Can’t wait!

  4. WHATmikal says:

    Chiapetta is awful 

  5. Booker Cocks says:

    Luke Thomas sucks to be honest

  6. alexiskillmobile says:

    I agree with Chiapetta on Okami release

  7. Calogerus Trebatius Testa says:

    the question was, does the beef between sonnen and wanderlei help the fight, not what your personal opinion is, of course people love manufactured drama, exhibit a. reality tv

  8. trulez says:

    Tom Hanks has a cool beard.

  9. Gabriel Gutt says:

    Luke Thomas is killing me of boredom, he is not 34, he is 72

  10. Ollie Irons says:

    the guy with the blue shirt in the middle is seriously annoying …..

  11. caillet14 says:

    Bring Joe Rogan in and that’s the A team.

  12. begood20000 says:

    He brought up Nick Ring too

  13. strictlybangers says:

    a team my A for Ass. mindenhall, helwani yes, theyre in my A team. they know their stats and previous fight cards. throw in bas rutten and joe rogan. now thats a fucking A team.

  14. Joe Baillie says:

    Thank God Luke Thomas is back, the last two episodes were garbage

  15. RHYS PEREGRINE says:

    Yup. Agreed.

  16. Swishah says:

    Chucks the voice of reason sometimes too chill to get all his talking points in (like Mike trying to cut him off) but I agree with dude 95% of the time

  17. utubename88 says:

    11:46 Luke finally admits to being gay.

  18. D1E5ECT says:

    tim kennedy is hellannoying

  19. Vin Makaveli says:

    LOL i take it back keep luke on the show so that they can keep catching him with “promototional malpractice”

  20. brad curtis says:

    Bang, Nick Ring!! Someone has finally mentioned him. He has won 3 or more decisions that i feel he should of lost. Lost the last, can’t remember who is was with and Court McGee beat him… Maybe it was because he fought in Canada… But now he is on the up and coming UFC card in Australia and not looking forward to his fight if i end up going.

  21. Vin Makaveli says:

    Luke is boring

  22. OdinMMA says:

    Wanderlei’s a tit. I loved him in pride but he just talks rubbish now.

  23. onalyd says:

    Luke Thomas was killin on this one

  24. normalpsychology says:

    You’re right. I dislike it, but you’re right. It’s so hard saying what I said. I NEVER liked Fitch, but that ONE time Hendricks KOed him, I felt like the past HOURS of my life Fitch robbed were magically redeemed. We should at least push for integrity, not give up completely, you know?

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