25 comments on “The MMA Hour is on Fire”

  1. IFINALBOSS says:

    love you man but this fucken sucked : ) 

  2. Robert Rasor says:

    I think the next time you take an Iowaska trip the plant will show you this
    clip and give you a good firm inter dimensional spanking. 

  3. GR33NM0NK33 says:

    Ariel? Have you started smoking crack?

  4. Wesley Stevenson says:

    Dude! Ariel! What was that?

  5. jack frost says:

    Jumped the shark. 

  6. justin anderson says:

    god damn I fuckin hate you.

  7. tnemiller says:

    Holy mother Ariel, I think fatherhood has driven you crazy already. Maybe a
    lack of sleep, but you might want to make this a one time deal. Just
    kiddin, but not really

  8. 5150madawg says:

    dang bro just dont lol 

  9. guvner2007 says:

    I am a big fan of the mma hour, I listen to the pod cast bit by bit, doing
    the housework throughout the week! haha but for a while now Ariel seems to
    be turning really egotistical and consumed in his self importance. I don’t
    enjoy the shows the way i once did. Anyways this video kinda has made Ariel
    seem alot more down to earth and level headed….i can relate to him again
    (even if this was abit cringe inducing. 

  10. okdg says:

    by far the best thing to come out of mma in 2014!

  11. paochoua says:

    That was a Bob Sapp MMA performance! 

  12. H4yabu5a says:

    lol, what a jew. next time plz sing the dreidel song, ariel!

  13. John Rambo says:

    This is ridiculous…

  14. Fusseljack says:

    I watched it till the end and can’t understand all the negative feedback.
    Why so serious?

  15. TheTeamOden says:

    What happen to Ariel? I guess getting on the UFCs bad side made him lose
    his mind.

  16. MooseheadStudios says:

    Awkward but glad ya back

  17. Christina Torres says:

    Always wonder how Ariel became an MMA fan. Totally scared of even training,
    excentric and woman-like to the max, pretty big instigator (anti-martial
    arts/bushido one could say), and not particularly grown up. He’s everything
    a martial artist isn’t.

    Nice guy, but a role in the Big Bang Theory fits him MUCH better. Let Frank
    Shamrock, Eddie Bravo, Joe Rogan (his podcast could) take over or

  18. king bibibear says:

    Pathetic….. comes to show there’s more to life then mma lol

  19. Jose Cano says:


  20. Cory Jamal Andriani-Williams says:

    lol bless you Ariel – “It was fun, i had a blast”

  21. Rohmanator says:

    6 minutes my ears will never get back

  22. RainbowTele says:

    does legend Cro cop interview.. bombs 5min later with this shit. Wtf Ariel?

  23. D1E5ECT says:

    faster retard

  24. DA BULLS says:

    Ariel Helwani singing > Justin Bieber singing

  25. Jordan Kendziora says:

    Ariel on acid ahaha

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