24 comments on “THE REDDIT MMA AWARDS!!!”

  1. OzGreat Sage says:

    I already have a contender for most annoying scream from spectator in UFC
    event for 2015. Literally hands down Camille Jones yesterday. Did anyone
    else hear her high pitch squeal especially in 4th round? Respectfully.

  2. Joe Lags says:

    I swear to god Tommy, if you don’t make a video over UFC 182 soon, then idk
    what you’re doing with this channel. Cowboy literally kicking Miles Jury’s
    ass for half a minute. Joe rogans weirdly accurate assessment of the
    kicking. Not to mention the amount of uppercuts Jones took from DC, then
    the shit talking Jones was talking at the post fight presser. The first
    round KO of the Alaskan punk who i thought was going to win for some
    reason, put him on my kountermove team (scored 0.00 points) Nate the past
    his prime Marquart. The hug fest 5th round of Jones vs DC

  3. Ichinegro Negrosaki says:

    this was the reddit UFC AWARD cuz only UFC nominees were mentioned.

  4. Leo Shakur says:

    Make a video about all the nut huggers that are about to jump on Gus nuts
    now that Jon destroyed cormier at his own shit. Jon bones Jones the GOAT.
    Oh and no rematch for Gus Mr. Rumble about to knock him out lol 

  5. Kane Askew says:

    connor mcgregor’s suit would KO yours in the first round. worst suit of all
    time tommy.

  6. BeastSports02 says:

    Great job using Vitor Belfort imitating Kanye west for the spinny stuff

  7. sweetswing1 says:

    Fucking TJ in the batman jammies hahahaha

  8. enrique ortiz says:

    “The UFC 174 of award show hosts”

    Damn it, you’re good Tommy.

  9. henrysto says:

    You think I’m just going to sit here and let you tell me I’d be surprised?

    Edit: Le thanks for the gold, kind stranger. 

  10. TheChasev619 says:

    just when I thought I liked this mario yamasaki of a show you decide to get
    sponsored by the worst most faggot PC forum website there is. literally
    tumblr wouldve been a better sponsor but no in true tommy fashion you
    decide to not have one nice thing. fuck you tommy, fuck you for eons to

  11. Em.Em.Aye .Em.Em.Aye says:

    Tommy, I bet when the manufacturer’s read the specs requested from your
    tailor, they all huddled together trying to picture the hideous monster
    that could fit those outrageously unproportioned measurements. 

  12. Robert Fouch says:

    Gilbert vs. Diego fight of the year… Easy 

  13. Instigator2012 says:

    And the award for fagget of the year goes to Tommy 

  14. dannielpreto says:

    So the last person you name is the winner? Come on Tommy a bit of suspense
    wouldn’t kill you. Name all of them and then announce the winner.

  15. Tyrell Taylor says:

    with out a “Let’s Mutherfukers”!… I’m just not that convinced by your Ben
    Saunders impersonation. 

  16. Jeremy Why says:

    Best award show of all time. 11 categories in 7 minutes.

    And Pat Barry’s face was hilarious!

  17. RedTieGuy says:

    I just wish my mma friends were also into the sub genre of this stuff like
    the press conferences. Tth destroys me but no one has a clue how funny it
    is around me because they just watch the fights.

  18. Funny Town says:

    hey Tommy Jon Jones has bigger legs than yours

  19. KillerInstinct2006 says:

    Is it just me or did Tommy steal a bit of this schtick from “beast mode”
    Marshawn Lynch? The Doo-ho Choi and Mark Hunts bits I mean.

  20. PrettysureItsInfectd says:

    Tommy , you dressed like an asshole. Surprised Conner didn’t call your
    basic ass out.

  21. Bryan A says:

    Paul Felder was snubbed in the spinning shit category

  22. Francisco Ochoa says:

    Lmao full Stephen hawking!

  23. evildeadmitch says:

    Who’s the slimy lil shit that disliked this video? Who just signed their
    own fucking death warrant? 

  24. Bun... says:

    stockton 209 wut..

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