25 comments on “The Right Way to Block a Kick in Muay Thai or MMA”

  1. horslems says:

    damn is this san diego or something? looks sooooo nice!!

    Nice tips btw!

  2. Veekz says:

    Shane keep up the good work my man! 300k in no time

  3. fightTIPS says:

    Basic but ESSENTIAL video for any martial artist: the right way to block
    kicks #muaythai #ufc178

  4. ligitmuffin says:

    If you want to learn how to block a kick watch Anderson Silvas last fight.

  5. Jobbe de Koning says:

    Please make a video on how to fight big or fat people

  6. Live Free says:

    a good example of what Shane said is the Eddie Alvarez vs. Donald Cerrone
    fight from last night. Alvarez landed a ton of punches in the first round,
    but then he started to eat some leg kicks in the next two rounds, until he
    couldn’t stand anymore

  7. Maelthorn1337 says:

    wouldn’t this hurt like hell putting your shin into the kick? i’ve got
    kicked in the shin and it hurts way more than the thigh.

  8. Tyler Jones says:

    Shane do you know why checking a kick hurts less than kicking the shin of
    someone who is checking? I wanna know why it works so well assuming that
    both people have the same bone density and pain tolerance. Great video on
    the technique btw.

  9. Chris Utley says:

    +fightTIPS Whenever you get a chance, Can you do a video on Vticeral Vs
    horinzontal punching in ingFight?

  10. Jadden Johnson says:


  11. Leroy Genkins says:

    shane how do i defend against a blunt object such as a baseball bat.

  12. maxelgat0 says:

    can you show some takedowns? 

  13. anaconda118 says:

    What about when people say to always keep your toes pointed up stretching
    the heel up instead of down with the toes pointing down?

  14. Luka Mitrovic says:

    Fucking thanks for this video i really needed this!!!

  15. My Ninja 300 is sexy says:

    If someone who has a powerful kick goes for the body and you put your leg
    up that high he is just going to knock you off balance. And if he goes for
    a head kick and you block like that there is no way you are going to
    stop/absorb the impact of his kick as that isn’t the right technique

  16. Jeff Gibson says:

    Good advice. 

  17. Jason Brooks says:

    Thanks Shane, very helpful video

  18. Alex Ngo says:

    How about blocking a front snap kick

  19. Kombo Breaker says:

    Another mistake is bending and not straightening your foot when checking

  20. Eric Cartman says:

    Wrong collor

  21. vickmackey24 says:

    Eddie Alvarez needs to practice this… a lot.

  22. Angus Young says:

    Hi Shane, my coach says that when you are blocking a kick, you should have
    your toes pointing up not down, because then your tibialis anterior muscle
    is tighten, and then blocking the kick isn’t so painful. We’ve been
    practicing it both ways and this vesrsion with toes pointing up is really
    less painful. What do you think about it?

  23. Malik Anbar says:

    If we were to fight and I noticed that you lift your leg that high to block
    a kick, I’d fake and then kick your back leg from under you.

  24. DadaTheful says:

    This block must hurt 😀 uuuuu

  25. Khristina Fajardo says:

    Hi shane I was wondering a good way to prevent being knocked out?

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