25 comments on “The Rock vs Justin Bieber Celebrity Death Match UFC EA SPORTS MMA”

  1. Edgar Caballero says:

    why would UFC say The Rock is an unprofessional wrestler, if hes a
    superstar in WWE, the most watched sports show (not counting the world

  2. bmb313 says:


  3. SMNSWPS says:

    “i lowered all of justin biebers stats to the lowest they can be so it will
    be more realistic” LMAO I AM DONE!!!!!!!

  4. RagingEverydayHD says:

    Do Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina Jolie… ya know the feud between them
    cause of Brad Pitt…

  5. FreakEating says:

    Wikipedias good for something 🙂 The Rock reminded me a bit of Bruce Willis
    here :p 

  6. AgoNy says:

    Black Griffin vs Justin Bieber 

  7. Justin Javellana says:

    Rock vs Vin Diesel

  8. Slayze says:

    Swifty VS Sodapoppin

  9. Justin McGovern says:

    You made Justin bieber look like youtubleable 

  10. xivMerk says:

    Chris Smoove vs IpodKingCarter

  11. asura_storm93 says:

    I’m surprised the fight lasted as long as it did. LOL.
    I mean, The Rock is the Scorpion King, a sheriff, Duke, Hercules!
    Meanwhile, Beiber…

  12. BoroHD says:


  13. Mark Alford says:

    Goddang the rock 100 everything lol!! noticed it few seconds in too, his
    body couldve been more accurate though (more muscular) but still I can tell
    Im gonna like this video.

  14. db5triker says:

    Wickedshrapnel vs Wickedshrapnel!

  15. RagingEverydayHD says:

    Biebers nickname is pretty boy.. hahahahahahah 

  16. Forts Win Wars says:

    Hi wicked.

  17. RAWRGAMES Sonny says:

    Your hillarious :D

  18. Tom Welter says:

    woodysgamertag vs wickedshrapnel! be sure wicked wins :)

  19. BazookaTrev says:


  20. Lucas Nick says:

    If that avatar can make Dwayne bleed, I´m pretty sure that it isn´t justin

  21. Freddie Snow says:

    Do the Rock vs Bruce Lee!

  22. John Gardner says:

    Wicked shrapnel vs pewdiepie

  23. ImHeavensDemon says:

    What about Bill Nye the science guy vs Neil Tyson Degrassi???

  24. MrJjrd123 says:

    Rocky vs the rock

  25. Bethany Adcock says:

    Hahaha this is great 

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