19 comments on “The Rocky Road to Dublin: Irish MMA on the Rise (teaser trailer II)”

  1. w0y1z92753 says:

    That’s a terrible apology. In what universe is any of that classed as talking shit?
    Clearly, you’re the brains of the family. It’s pretty simple. Connor had a good fight. It’s one fight. At this point it doesn’t mean he’s going to do anything in the future.

  2. SuperPurpleUrkle says:

    So why even send me that first message? Your basically downplaying his win saying he beat a bum. And saying he “may” be good in the future. No one is calling him the Irish messiah so whats your point…

  3. w0y1z92753 says:

    Talking shit on Conor? So how exactly did I do that? Perhaps you need to re read my comment and then think about how your going to word your apology.
    Actually, no need. Apology already accepted.

  4. SuperPurpleUrkle says:

    A bum? Brimage is legit. He was 3-0 in the UFC and just recently beat Jimy Hettes. He’s good right now but in the future he will be even better. Why you on here talking shit about Conor? Whats that doing for you? Jealous or just hating? No one is saying he’s god or invincible. He put on a great performance and he’s a fucking badass

  5. w0y1z92753 says:

    Face palm? LOL I don’t think so. 

  6. StubbyMcGonster says:

    HOUSE OF PAIN !!! – nice choice

  7. Christine Ashton says:


  8. Emotional Contagion says:

    ‘His patriotic pride’? Look at his profile, he’s German.

  9. w0y1z92753 says:

    Damn right. I’ve forgotten more about UFC and MMA than these fools know combined.

    Did your patriotic pride get hurt a bit? Maybe next time tell someone who gives a fuck.

  10. randomfrostname says:

    good job there buddy! keep them enthusiastic fellas grounded! it is way more important to let those fools know that you know so much more about mma and ufc and have insight to all that is going on.

  11. w0y1z92753 says:

    He beat a bum. He may be good in the future, but anyone thinking he’s the Irish messiah after one performance in the UFC is an idiot.

  12. SuperPurpleUrkle says:

    Can’t wait for this! Conor is the man

  13. Craig Newman says:

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  14. Trolls4daLols says:


  15. channelin says:

    he’s amazing

  16. IHACKER316 says:

    awesome WAR MC GREGOR

  17. Iroquois Pliskin says:

    I’m sure a lot of people know his name know.

  18. InsaneRevolt says:

    His name is Conor McGregor.

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